Historic Zampedri: he reached 66 and is the highest scoring active player for Católica

Historic Zampedri: he reached 66 and is the highest scoring active player for Católica

In a duel that was cut and quite in the complement, although already with the advantage of the Catholic University installed, the crossed world -although largely telematically- welcomed Ariel Holan back as his star coach after his adventures in Santos and Liga MX with León, from where it did not go well but it served as a parenthesis since he had left Las Condes in February 2021 to return just a year and three months later for his second experience to win since day 1.

The summary of U. Católica 3-0 U. La Calera

As in his first goodbye, the reunion with San Carlos took place under the exact conditions: against Unión La Calera and without an audience, although this time due to a punishment for bad behavior, but with the exception that the goals fell, the 65 by Fernando Zampedri with the fringed shirt assisted by the surprise Aaron Astudillo, 66 to become the active footballer who scored the most for UC (with one more than Roberto Gutiérrez) and another cry from Felipe Gutiérrez to walk to victory at the top of a somewhat more colorful football than in the Valenzuela era, who could not win in any of his 4 presentations, and a rather practical proposal.

Holan spent it appealing to enhance the simple and praising his pupils when they opted for logical passes instead of looking to show off rather than pass it on to their teammate. And it is not unreasonable to ensure that Cement -which is played on Wednesday against Santos in its ‘final of the world’- did not worry the four-time champions with real danger at any time, since the new Catholic first worried about taking care of their goal and then damage the opposite, managing to reposition herself in a contest for which she entered looking for the penta and today she finds oxygen in the Flamengo preview, the same one she had been looking for long and suffering weeks ago.