Hikvision, new speaker designed to improve business meetings


Offers better sound quality and easy connectivity with built-in USB ports, Bluetooth technology, and compatibility with leading video conferencing software

Intercompany Drafting05/17/2022

Hikvision announces the launch of its first range of speakers for the professional field, baptized as Sound Cube. These speakers allow work meetings to be more comfortable and productive since they have been specifically designed to meet the current needs of companies in a scenario that combines face-to-face meetings, teleworking from home or workspaces in remote.

Currently, working from home has been increasing in recent years, especially as a result of the pandemic, and it is estimated that approximately 50% of employees are considering taking advantage of a hybrid work scenario over the next year, for what remote meetings will be more necessary than ever in the day to day of workers around the world. For this reason, it is essential to improve the performance and satisfaction of workers by providing them with the appropriate tools so that they can have higher quality meetings and conferences.

Conversations loud and clear

Every day, in offices around the world, workers face technical issues setting up and running remote conferences. Some of the more common ones include the speaker volume being too low or making a metallic sound, even when sitting close to the laptop speakers. It can also happen that the voice pickup distance is too short, the microphones are underpowered at best, the background noise is too loud, etc. With all these obstacles, electronic meetings and remote conferencing have become technically very out of date.

Therefore, the Hikvision Sound Cube speaker responds to user demands and improves the entire work meeting experience thanks to its exclusive and high-quality features:

  • 360-degree voice pickup and sound amplification: Unlike conventional pie-shaped designs, the new cube speaker features innovative upward-firing microphones and surround sound speakers. With Sound Cube speakers, sound is picked up at the top of the unit and clearly projected from the entire base of the speaker. With its innovative 8-microphone omnidirectional array, voices can be picked up clearly within a wide range of 5 meters.
  • AI Noise Reduction: The speaker leverages an intelligent algorithm to reduce transient and constant noises (for example, the click of a keyboard or the hum of the air conditioner) to project the voices of the participants in a natural and pleasant way. The built-in high-fidelity speaker also features echo cancellation and anti-reverb to further clarify sound transmission.

Details that improve the user experience

Beyond capturing and transmitting professional sound, Hikvision’s Sound Cube speakers offer a thoughtful design focused on satisfying the user experience, to meet the needs of everyday life. For example, wired and wireless options can be combined for quick, easy and flexible setup, using common USB cables, Bluetooth technology and USB ports. Plus, Sound Cube is portable, and includes a compact, lightweight carrying case for convenient portability on the go.

Hikvision’s Sound Cube is also compatible with most major Internet meeting software and operating systems to make every meeting a more comfortable and satisfying experience than ever before.

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