He goes viral telling how he trolled the AVE passengers: “The whole car applauded me”

He goes viral telling how he trolled the AVE passengers:

When we take a trip, we are lucky or unlucky to meet all kinds of people along the way. Many times we pray so that no one sits next to us and we can go more calmly and at ease, but luck is not always on our side. Crying children, loud conversations or the one who has fallen asleep and snores are just some of the most common characters with whom we have to travel.

We are all loaded with suitcases, tired of enduring hours of waiting and wanting to reach our destination and there are always trips that are more bearable than others. The AVE passengers who witnessed the story that we tell you below must have been left speechless when what has served its protagonist to go viral on Twitter happened.

Several videos of the request were broadcast on Twitter

Alba is a young woman who one day had to take a train trip, but something totally unexpected happened that shocked all the passengers who were in the same car. At a certain moment, one of the boys who was traveling with the woman knelt in the middle of the aisle and took out a box with a ring. Our protagonist couldn’t believe it.

The train passengers quickly took out their mobile phones to immortalize the moment and upload it to their social networks. Shortly after, several videos of the marriage proposal appeared on Twitter in which Alba ended up saying that she did. The travelers immediately began to applaud. «?That I just witnessed a marriage proposal on the Renfe train? ¡I’m dying of illusion! Congratulations to the lovers»wrote a girl on the birdie’s social network, attaching the video of the moment.

Once the videos broadcast began to add and add reproductions, something happened that gave a 180-degree turn to the viral story. Alba herself appreciated on her Twitter account clarifying what happened and echoing the images broadcast by different users traveling on the train at that very moment. His words we did not see them coming.

“A whole car applauded me thinking I was going to get married,” the young woman wrote on Twitter.

The young woman, who has more than 6,000 followers on the social network, wrote in a publication: «I think today is a good day to go live and tell you how yesterday a whole car applauded me thinking that I was going to get married because my colleagues are so stupid». Her tweet quickly began to go viral. It has already accumulated more than 22,000 likes and the story has been shared more than a thousand times.

Shortly after the publication spread like wildfire on Twitter, Alba wrote again: «Yes, very funny until my boyfriend asked me how the trip was and I had to tell him that they asked me to marry». The truth is that the story has misplaced many users who have wanted to leave their impressions in the comments.

Finally, we leave you with the trailer of the Spanish film ‘Advantages of traveling by train’, which starred Luis Tosar, Ernesto Alterio, Macarena García and Pilar Castro:

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Source: Huffington Post


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