He dispatched the bag, had an oversight and the passengers scratched it: “I was the most hated on the plane”

He dispatched the bag, had an oversight and the passengers scratched it:

A Scottish student recounted the adventures she experienced on a flight to Turin, Italy. In a video that circulated on his account TikTok, detailed from start to finish how he went from a state of shock to one of despair over a fatal oversight. The story began when she acquired United Kingdom an Wowcher Mystery Holidaywhich gives a person a mystery trip – as the word indicates in English – in exchange for 99 euros.

“In the UK you can get this package called ‘wowcher mystery deal’ where you pay 99 euros each and get a full vacation, flights and hotel”, commented Kristy in his account of 54,000 thousand followers. Its content went viral and led to several comments from other people who purchased the same voucher.

accompanied by a friend, the girl ran into the first problem in the boarding area. Having a carry-on bag, the airport staff clarified that his luggage should be placed in the plane’s hold, a message that was confusing to him since when he bought the ticket they told him that he could take it with him. “We got to the gate at the airport and just as we were boarding, the woman from RyanAir says, ‘You have to put these bags in the hold.’”

He dispatched the bag, had an oversight that delayed an entire plane and was classified as “the most hated”

That beginning, which was not in the plans, slightly altered the mood of Kristy and his companion:We were a bit annoyed because we had to pay extra money that we didn’t know about and they put our bags in the hold”. But the worst was yet to come before a neglect of the girl herself. Upon boarding the plane and going to the corresponding seats, she noticed a detail that would delay the flight for the rest of the crew: “We take our seats and my friend turns to me and asks: ‘Do you have your passport?’”. The negative response forced a quick intervention of the pilots who had to help her.

My passport was in the bag they put in the hold and you can’t go through customs without it. So I had to go to the driver and he had to call the track staff. Once they were notified, they had to take my bag out of the warehouse, ”he recounted.

Although the worst part would come later, when, pointed out by the rest of the plane as the person who delayed the flight, she had to check her luggage in full view of everyone: “I had to rummage through my bag in front of everyone on the plane and after I found it, they had to repack the hold with my bag inside. I was the most hated person on that flight”.

Having many reproductions, the video had various comments from users, who empathized with the young woman about the uncomfortable moment she went through: “It flew by Krakow a EdinburghI did not click until we land. They had to send staff to fetch my bag once it was unloaded.”


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