He bought a ticket to the Qatar World Cup for 31 pesos. Is El Chapu going to get the cup?

Chapu Martínez se hizo famoso antes del Mundial de 2018 con su famoso "traeme la Copa, Messi" y pudo estar en Rusia.

The Spanish travel agency eDreams had a flaw on its page and offered tickets at unusual prices. Air tickets to the United States, Europe and Qatar did not exceed $200. The mistake was taken advantage of by dozens of Argentines, who since Monday have been praying to keep that price. One of the lucky ones was the influencer Martín Chapu Martínez, remembered for his chant of “bring me the cup, Messi”. He bought four round-trip tickets to Qatar for $150 (less than $40 per ticket).

This is how he reported it on his Twitter account: «In total the 4 tickets added together gave $124 pesos and we added a flexible flight suitcase and other nonsense, finalizing the purchase of the trip for $151 ARGENTINE PESOS. Yes, you read correctly for less than a Jorgito and a Coke we travel 4 people to the QATAR World Cup 2022. But that’s not all.

“We received confirmation of the company’s reservation, the confirmation of the airline, the boarding pass and we have the debit made in the home banking”, he told in an interview with C5N. However, he revealed that a few hours later he received an email from the company informing him that the reservation was cancelled.

His situation is that of many other Argentines who also took flights to different countries in Europe and the United States. Many social network users shared how they managed to buy tickets and were able to take advantage of the offer, which did not last long. Others, on the other hand, regretted not having arrived in time to buy them.

What can happen to the tickets sold by eDreams?

It was not communicated what will happen with the tickets sold although, in most cases, flights that were purchased while the bug was active are still active.

“Published offer, respected offer” is the motto upheld by users who bought trips at unusual prices. However, specialists argue that the company You can claim that the error is notorious and thus cancel the trips.

About this, the journalist Mauro Albornoz, who was the one who first published the news on Twitter, shared: “Updating tickets at 10 pesos. There are buyers who got tickets to Qatar for the World Cup and they are confirmed. Others will initiate legal action for canceled flights. In other years the companies took charge but the error in this case is of a significant magnitude».

This was the case of United Airlinesthat he had to pay the sums of money necessary to acquire the timely issued tickets, in addition to a bonus for non-pecuniary damage.

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