GTA Online Players Share Their Favorite ‘Innocent Fun’ Jobs

GTA Online Players Share Their Favorite 'Innocent Fun' Jobs

GTA Online’s high-stakes heists and action-packed missions offer plenty of fun, whether you’re battling the afflicted or just taking on NPCs.

However, regardless of whether you’re a rich or poor GTA player, sometimes you’ll want to kick back rather than risk your character’s neck to improve their bank balance.

On those days, you may want to try an innocent and quirky little activity that won’t spend all your savings in one go. If so, here are the best GTA Reddit recommendations.

GTA Online Players Share Their Favorite ‘Innocent Fun’ Jobs

Posting to the GTA Online subreddit, user project199x opened the thread by posting a video of them shooting off the top of a fire hydrant and then using the stream of water that erupted from the ground to launch themselves into the air, adding: “This It will always be fun for me.”

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Despite the age of GTA 5, it seems some gamers still didn’t know how much fun interacting with random objects in its world could be, with Educational_Cause802 commenting: “I had no idea you could do that. Thank you.”

Meanwhile, user fakenews5 suggested a nice workout, saying, “Riding a bmx bike around Los Santos. People intimidate you, but it’s still a lot of fun,” to which project199x replied, “I love doing wheelies on the bmx.”

User Tanaas shared another fun vehicle-based activity, saying, “I like to take a large vehicle and completely deface an NPC’s car and then try to drive it.”

User GH_Art suggested a slight variation on Tanaas’ idea, revealing: “I do something a little different; Equip a melee weapon; usually the baseball bat or the hammer because it’s fun, and then I beat the car up,” adding that the challenge is doing it without attracting the police or accidentally blowing up the car.

On the other hand, user RedStoner93 proposed to perpetrate a prank on innocent civilians, saying “Use a cargobob to get NPCs off the street and strand them on top of buildings”, with soulja959 going one step further and recommending that just “light NPCs on fire”.

Going back to the more innocent suggestions, user Tbone2121974 might have had the most relaxing, saying, “Cross the highway loop around San Andreas in a convertible. Even better if it’s night.”

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