Government will promote the Santiago-Valparaíso train: What would be the travel times?

tren santiago valparaiso tiempos de viaje

22 Apr 2022 – 11:00 p.m.

The Minister of Transport, Juan Carlos Munoz, confirmed the Government’s commitment to promoting the construction of the train that will link Santiago and Valparaíso in a matter of minutes.

“We are going to work to give it all the impulses that this project requires,” said the authority, which would mean an important advance for an initiative that has been “sleeping” for years in the offices of the Palacio de La Moneda, since it was stopped by the crisis. of the coronavirus in Chile.

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What would be the stations of the possible new train?

In recent years, in the different presidential administrations, one of the projects that came to the Government is the one corresponding to the consortium Chinese-Chilean TVS. At first he was received by Michelle Bachelet, then studied and stopped by Sebastian Pinera, to now be eventually powered by Gabriel Boric.

The measure includes the following stations:

  • Valparaiso
  • Viña del Mar
  • White House
  • Maipu

In addition, it would have a cargo service, which would extend to Saint Anthony, the main Chilean port.

What would be the travel times of the train?

Currently, under normal traffic conditions on Route 68, trips between Santiago and Valparaíso take approximately an hour and a half. While to Viña del Mar, taking Ruta Las Palmas, the time is one hour and 42 minutes.

If the train proposed by the TVS were implemented, the times would decrease drastically, to the point of being reduced by more than half. For example, as detailed in the project, a trip from Santiago to Valparaíso would take only 45 minutes; while towards Viña del Mar, just 39 minutes.

What would be the price of the train ticket?

As reported by TVS on its website, as its project contemplates cargo transportation —not just passengers—, this would allow tickets to have a affordable value for the user’s pocket.

In detail, the consortium states that “the operation of the cargo service will allow us to make the initiative profitable and thus be able to offer a reasonable and competitive rate“.

In this way, it is stipulated that the cost of the ticket “It would be in the order of $5,500.” If so, the train would offer lower prices than the buses, for example, whose prices exceed $6,000 on certain dates.


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