Germany will accept staff from abroad to avoid chaos at airports

Germany will accept staff from abroad to avoid chaos at airports

The relaxation (and even elimination) of the travel restrictions that had been introduced during the pandemic has once again increased the number of passengers worldwide. Therefore, the airports Y airlines they are overwhelmed in their attempt to reactivate normality with fewer staff than they had before 2020. In this context, and in search of balancing the mess left by the coronavirus, Germany will use foreign workers to try to put an end to the chaos in the air terminals.

“The government plans to allow the entry of foreign staff whose need to find a temporary job in Germany is urgent”explained the Minister of Labor, hubertus heilin an interview with the local newspaper image.

According to information from government circles, the search would be about 2000 workers, coming among other countries from Turkeywho could join as early as July and provide support for a few months.

“We want to rule out any form of dumping and social exploitation. Employers must pay standard wages and provide decent accommodation for a limited period,” the Social Democratic minister continued. Hubertus Heil.

For his part, the German Minister of Transport, Volker Wissingtold the newspaper image that the initiative is a coordinated action with Heil and the Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faeser.

For his part Faeser added: “We will make it possible for auxiliary staff from abroad to be employed, for example, for baggage handling”. He added that, with this measure, “there will be no cuts in security.”

After two years of disruption due to the coronavirus pandemic, European airports are facing staff shortages, leading to long waits, flight cancellations and scenes of chaos. Added to this are staff absences due to the resumption of coronavirus infections in Germany.

About 7,200 workers are currently missing at German airports, according to a study by the Institute for German Economics.

The problems of European airports have their origin in the drastic reduction in staff that took place in the last two years, when mobility sank due to the coronavirus crisis, according to experts in the sector.

“The relaxation of travel restrictions and strong pent-up demand are allowing international bookings to catch up with domestic ones. International and domestic sales currently stand at 66% and 72% of 2019 levels, respectively”, the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the trade body that represents the aviation sector, wrote on Twitter.

With information from the AFP and DPA agencies


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