Geotourism: 6 facts to discover El Chiflón in La Rioja

Geotourism: 6 facts to discover El Chiflón in La Rioja

El Chiflón is a park inaugurated in 2002 that, like the one in Talampaya, protects archaeological and paleontological sites 150 kilometers from the capital of La Rioja. It is part of the Bermejo tourist corridor and integrates the El Chiflón Provincial Reserve, the Talampaya National Park and the Laguna Brava Reserve.

If you want to know El Chiflón, take note of these 6 points to start dreaming about your trip.

one. The tour is done in some areas by vehicle and in others on foot. The accompaniment of a guide is extremely useful to know the ages of the rock formations and find the traces of the original peoples.

two. The geography is integrated into the Talampaya Ischigualasto geological basin, whose Triassic and Tertiary sediments were exposed when the Andes mountain range rose. The geoforms are one of its attractions (“La Tortuga”, “El Loro”, “La Casita”, “El Pan Dulce”, “El Hongo” and “El Ojo de la Cerradura”) and the fossils, for example of araucarias and ferns.

3. In the soft sandstone rocks there are images of engraved circles, traces of the Aguada nomads. Also mortars, of which there are about 350 in this area. The soil is made of boulders, rocks bathed in desert varnish and stones stained by iron oxide and copper sulfate.

4. During a 3-kilometer walk along the big cliff, you access the ridge from where you can see National Route 150, the mountains and the walls on both sides of a wide canyon. Visitors can visit El Chiflón in their own vehicle until the third station. You then descend for a 800-meter hike through the canyon.

5. Where to stay? In El Chiflón there is a hostel, as well as a hotel in Patquía. Villa Unión has a greater offer of hotels, inns, inns and shelters. This town can be used as a base to visit Ischigualasto, 167 kilometers away.

6. Other tips: dressing in layers is the most recommended, because it allows you to lighten the coat when the sun heats up.


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