Gatorade enhances the voice, effort and discipline of Honduran athletes

Gatorade enhances the voice, effort and discipline of Honduran athletes

Honduras. Gatorade, the number one sports drink in the world, highlighted the achievements of national athletes under its global campaign “Power Your Inner Voice”, in order to inspire athletes from different disciplines, at all levels, inviting them to overcome their limits and not surrender on your way to greatness.

Gatorade is a brand of hydration drink for all athletes, regardless of the sport they practice and the category they belong to; from amateurs to high-performance professionals, it helps enhance skills and performance in sports through hydration and energy to develop sports activities in a better way and improve, thanks to its optimal formula for athletes: carbohydrates and electrolytes.

Off the court, Gatorade seeks to inspire and educate the next generations of male and female athletes, therefore, for its most recent campaign, four Honduran athletes were chosen internationally for their achievements in each of their disciplines: Aldy Jimena González, marathon runner, winner in 2019 of the 21-kilometer race, an international marathon won in her own country, after Honduras was 19 years old without prizes, she has subsequently obtained other records at the international level.

Alejandro Obando; An outstanding tennis player, he achieved promotion to Zone 2 in the Davis Cup in 2018, as a country he achieved it for once in 20 years, Obando is also the Number 1 Racquet of Honduras.

Sophia German; Weightlifting, young athlete who won the award as national champion in the 55kg category, twice gold medal in Central American competitions and recognized at the 2021 Youth Pan American Games as one of the best competitors.

Jason Garcia; An athlete in the jumping discipline, one of his greatest achievements is the three-time undefeated championship in the Central American Games.

It should be noted that each of these athletes have the common denominator that they have gone through difficulties and moments that have made them want to “throw in the towel”; however, they all strengthened their inner voice and decided not to give up, they gave everything in each training and competition, even being athletes who have proudly represented their country in local and foreign competitions.

“The success of these young people in each of their sports disciplines has not been easy, surely there are times when for any reason they faltered, however, it is to be admired and recognized that they did not let themselves be defeated, they overcame any obstacle and strengthened his inner voice to continue growing and standing out for his skills and discipline, have raised the name of Honduras, that is why today Gatorade is proud to recognize perseverance, effort and perseverance because we are sure that they are already motivation for others athletes who by their example teach the discipline of sport and proper hydration”, said Sharon Diaz, brand coordinator.

Gatorade has promoted outstanding athletes worldwide for their international career, however, the “Power your inner voice” campaign is the opportunity to provide a space and make it a podium to praise national athletes, giving them a place to tell their story. history and inspire new generations through Gatorade’s digital platforms and media.

“Gatorade is a brand that has high-level figures in the world of sports at an international level, now with our campaign “Power your inner voice” we also recognize national athletes who have been able to stand out in international competitions” Sharon Diaz concluded.

Gatorade, a cbc portfolio brand, invites all sports-loving athletes and consumers to empower their voice and advance their skills, seek greatness, and hydrate properly to achieve their goals.

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