“Fun is not measured in drinks”, the alcohol consumption prevention campaign


The Ministry of Human Development and Social Promotion, through the Directorate for the Comprehensive Approach to Addictions, launched an alcohol prevention campaign aimed at San Juan youth. The places chosen for this first weekend of the campaign are the wharves of the Ullum and Punta Negra dams.

The prevention of addictions is not an exclusive issue to be resolved by the State, the entire community must be part of actions that prevent the consumption of problematic substances or alcohol.

It is necessary for the State to develop strategies of sensitivity and assistance in relation to alcohol consumption, aimed at the care and protection of the population, and in this summer context, look for spaces where youth meet to discuss and propose prevention actions. .

Where will the campaign be this weekend?

– Saturday, February 5, 4:00 p.m. Ullum Dam Pier

– Sunday, February 6, 4:00 p.m.: Punta Negra Dam Pier

What do we need to know about alcohol consumption?

Alcohol is a legal psychoactive substance, just like tobacco and psychoactive drugs. It is the most consumed in Argentina and the one with the greatest access and availability. 68% of the population consumed alcohol in the last year (vs. 31.3% tobacco and 8.3% some illicit drug).

For many people, it is a habit that comes from adolescence, a means for sociability and an essential part of the ritual of going out and meeting.

Alcohol is also a central nervous system depressant drug, that is, it is not a stimulant. It reduces the ability to think, speak, move, and do other activities.

It can cause aggressiveness, melancholy and memory loss. Alcohol produces different degrees of inactivation: drowsiness and even anesthesia and coma.

Keep in mind that only 10% of alcohol consumption is eliminated through urine and sweat. 90% is digested by the liver turning into sugar, causing various diseases with irreversible effects on the body.

Alcohol is not eliminated faster by drinking coffee or taking a bath. Coffee can further irritate the stomach, and bathing can be cold and cause hypothermia.

Alcohol affects in the same way in any of its graduations.

Why do we have to act against the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the summer?

Because it is the most consumed drug and the one that causes the most morbidity and mortality in Argentina.

Because its consumption is naturalized by people in various fields.

Because there are many road and domestic accidents due to alcohol consumption.

Because responsible adults generate little care in relation to the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Because there are regulatory frameworks that require us to generate preventive and care strategies on the subject.

What happens with youth and alcohol consumption?

We must consider that, many times, young people seek to facilitate socialization through alcohol consumption, because of the disinhibition that this substance produces and because of the place it occupies culturally. In this regard, it should also be considered that the youth segment is interesting for the alcoholic beverages market.

You can download the material of the national Sedronar campaign in this same link.



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