fun and speed with the charm of original toys

fun and speed with the charm of original toys

It is always a good time to be a child again. As children, we use our imagination to build stories as deep as they are meaningless, throwing ourselves into our creations from the first minute and moving on to something else when necessary. No questions. Without looking back.

With these two ingredients we must reflect on the past, where dolls of all kinds and cars were, in the past, the main protagonists of the gifts brought by Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men. ‘Hot Wheels’ It was one of the favorite brands of children, especially in the United States, although it was also very well received in Spain. Now, the Milestone studio has decided to transfer the preciousness of these toys to the world of video games, creating a hilarious work that manages to transport us to that time of our lives where obligations and routine were the real unknowns.

Hot Wheels on Television

Hot Wheels! If the television commercials were already epic due to their background and the infinite possibilities offered by toys, ‘Hot Wheels Unleashed’, the brand’s digital namesake, maintains that rhythm and boosts it a few more points. The work is presented as an arcade car video game where fun and speed are its strong points: fast races, either against the machine or against other players; a robust competitive online side; a construction mode, with which to edit and create tracks for the community; and a lot, a lot of customization, something that we have loved and that very well conveys the type of collecting that the firm pursues.

Simple, easy and straight to the point. No half measures. Which does not mean at all that we are facing a video game lacking in challenge. Absolutely. The work is raised under the premise of “easy to control, difficult to master & rdquor ;, and has a bombproof gameplay that will delight not only fans of speed, but also those reluctant who see car video games as something boring or pointless.

To begin with, the work proposes us to learn its basic mechanics that, like a good arcade title, are easy to learn: accelerate, brake and turbo are the classic actions -more than one brake won’t even touch it, we’re sure-, but also -and , above all- skids occur, with which we will recharge the turbo meter to obtain an advantage in the competition.

But what makes ‘Hot Wheels Unleashed’ different from other exponents of the genre? Well, plain and simple, its playable proposal and its staging. As good toys that they are, the circuits could not be anything other than impossible tracks with loops, traps, fans and jumps into the void framed in different places, thus maintaining the size of the vehicles and achieving that feeling of being playing with toys in a video game.

Competing, creating and collecting

‘Hot Wheels Unleashed’ has been built with the magic of the original toys in mind, and it shows from the first lap around a track. The installment proposes several game modes, among which Hot Wheels City Rumble stands out, where we will have to overcome the marked races to advance during the “adventure & rdquor; until reaching the final credits, passing, as if that were not enough, through some final bosses. We also have, of course, fast modes to release adrenaline and others to beat our own challenges against the clock.

But where the video game really shines and we have found a real healthy bite is in the multiplayer mode. In addition to competitions where we duel with other players from around the world -or split screen on the same video console-, we find a fantastic construction mode in which to unleash our creativity and create completely new tracks in different environments.

And what is achieved with this? Well, let the community put the meat on the grill when it comes to creating impossible circuits. While it is true that the title has some really complicated sections, it is in the multiplayer where we have seen very, very complex tracks, and this has made us itch even more. To make matters worse, the construction system, unlike other games, is intuitive, easy and fast, and with four commands we will have created some easy tracks that, later, we will be able to refine and improve by setting traps or enemies, for example.

Added to this is the large number of cars and their customization. Each vehicle has a different level of acceleration, speed, turbo and control, and although we started with a small batch, we will soon acquire more as we complete matches and climb to the podium. In fact, right now through January 18, 2022, the DC Super-Villain Racing Season is open, featuring unlockable content like vehicles inspired by Poison Ivy, Deathstroke, and Harley Queen, among others. The seasons, in fact, are one of the strong points for adding vehicles to our garage, which, added to the creativity of the community, means that there will be ‘Hot Wheels Unleashed’ for a while.

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At an audiovisual level, the Milestone title works at about 60 frames per second without suffering at any time. It is not a photorealistic video game, nor does it look for it either, but that does not mean that it does not stop having a good audiovisual section. The effects, the smoothness with which the cars run in gigantic environments or a multipurpose room, make the work a good-looking game, without too many pretensions but showing muscle.

In short, ‘Hot Wheels Unleashed’ has been a fantastic surprise for us. A fast and frenetic arcade video game, where competition, creation and collecting go hand in hand to return our gaze to our inner child. A safe purchase if what we are looking for is fun from the first minute without too many complications, whether we like driving titles or not.



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