Freitas will debut as race director in Spain

Freitas will debut as race director in Spain


The distributed work of race direction will finally have the first relay of the year. Eduardo Freitasabsent from several Grand Prix in 2022 due to his commitments in the World Endurance Championship, will finally direct a Formula 1 race. The Portuguese will do it in Barcelona.

First relay of the year

Niels Wittitch has been the great commander of the FIA ​​during these first five races of the new era of Formula 1. The former race director of the DTM has been in charge of making forget the figure of Michael Masi in 2022 with a decision-making that has convinced several members of the Great Circus, although not all his decisions have had unanimous acceptance.

Without going any further, the use of jewelry is still a topical issue that mainly bothers Lewis Hamilton. The seven-time world champion, by the way, received the defense of Romain Grosjean, claiming that his wedding ring saved him in the serious accident suffered at the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2020.

But there have also been more controversies such as the dubious interpretation of numerous accidents. Wittich’s new norm dictates that you have to give up space in hand-to-hand fights. However, some actions have been penalized and others not, casting doubt on the criteria of the stewards. A fact that already happened in 2021.

Now it’s time to see how Freitas will perform as official race director from the Spanish Grand Prix. According to Autosport, the director of the WEC will repeat the following week in Monaco, so his premiere will not be easy. Eduardo’s criteria will be evaluated in detail, although he has a good record in the World Endurance Championship, despite some famous slips.

And it is that being a judge in Formula 1 is not an easy task. Masi himself suffered the fatal consequences of controversial decision-making that cost him his job at the International Automobile Federation. Wittich and Freitas are his successors and had better improve Michael’s damaged image. Be that as it may, F1 has still not managed to repair Charlie Whiting’s painful march in 2019.

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