France issues international arrest warrant against Carlos Ghosn | The World | D.W.

 France issues international arrest warrant against Carlos Ghosn |  The World |  D.W.

The French Justice issued an international arrest warrant against Carlos Ghosn, former executive president of nissanwithin the framework of an investigation for abuse of social assets, money laundering and corruption, as reported this Friday (04.22.2022).

The 68-year-old Franco-Lebanon-Brazilian former executive lives in Beirut after spectacularly escaping from Japan at the end of 2019. This international arrest warrant, which was issued on April 21, is a strong message for the Lebanese authorities who they never extradite their citizens and that they barred Ghosn from leaving the territory.

If the arrest warrant is executed, Ghosn will be brought directly before an investigating judge in Nanterre, near Paris, who will notify him of the investigation against him. The French Justice investigates payments of almost 15 million euros (16.3 million dollars) considered suspicious between the alliance Renault-Nissan and the distributor of the French car manufacturer in Oman, Suhail Bahwan Automobiles (SBA), told the agency AFP the Nanterre Prosecutor’s Office.

The Nanterre investigating judge issued four other international arrest warrants, which in addition to Ghosn target the founder of SBA, his two sons and the company’s former CEO, they told the agency. AFP two sources close to the case. Justice accuses them of money laundering and corruption.

Additionally, Ghosn is accused of personally benefiting from an endorsement convention between the brand. Renault and the Palace of Versailles, organizing private parties, something he denies.

“This order is very surprising because the investigating judge and the Nanterre prosecutor know perfectly well that Carlos Ghosn, who has always cooperated with the Justice, has a judicial prohibition to leave Lebanese territory,” said Jean Tamalet, one of the former president’s lawyers. from nissan who works for the firm King and Spalding.

The former executive is the subject of an Interpol arrest warrant, and has been unable to leave Lebanon since he fled Japan hidden in a car kit box. Ghosn justified his escape by stating that he wanted to “escape from injustice” and denounced a “plot” by the Japanese authorities.

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