four years of fun and knowledge – Prensa Libre

four years of fun and knowledge – Prensa Libre

Last night the four years of dreaming with family de Guatevisión, which has been characterized as one of the favorite programs of Guatemalans, with the idea of ​​bringing entertainment, knowledge and that families can learn together, in addition to having fun.

To celebrate the four years there were special guests such as María Luisa Gómez, Tuti Furlán, Verónica de León, Alejandro Vidal and Melissa Castellanos, who put their knowledge to the test. In addition, there was no lack of cake and celebrations to commemorate these four years of entertainment.

One of the most popular segments over the years has been the questions about Guatemalan culture and world capitals.

During February 2022, the program premiered a new season, accompanied by Ricardo García Santander, as main host, Celeste Paredes and Alejandra Portillo, as part of the cast, along with a group of guests having fun in Soñando en Familia.

“Dreaming in Family has opened the doors to dreams, to people, we have brought fun, knowledge and money, so that people fulfill their desires, it has been an enriching experience, seeing how families make their goals come true, we have been part of the Guatemalan families that night after night are attentive to our program”, commented Ricardo García Santander, main host.

How to play?

Two teams compete each night to fulfill one of their dreams. Each one will be made up of a protagonist and a forward, who can be family or friends.

Games will also be held with viewers in which they can participate from home.

In this fourth year it is a more dynamic program because each night the assistants will participate in eight games instead of four.

The most liked games are Chapin of heart Y Route 22 which continue, but new ones are coming in the coming months, says García Santander.

Dreaming as a family: four years of fun and knowledge
During the four years of the program, more than Q3 million in prizes have been awarded. Free Press Photo: María Jose Bonilla.

How to participate in the program?

To participate you must register at

They will request: name, telephone, address, email, members of your family, family information, the dream you have as a family and a photograph of the people who would participate.

A renewed program

dreaming with family It is completely renovated this season. “Something very important is that everyone can participate, there are twenty opportunities a week,” says Ricardo García Santander.

The time spent watching the television program is one hour. “Those who participate can take cash to start fulfilling their dream,” she added.


The first program was held on April 23, 2018, at the beginning the program was live, however, due to the complexity of the production, it began to be recorded.

In the first season, two complete families participated for a week.

In the second season they were given Q15 thousand to the first place and the second place was Q5 thousand.

In the third season, institutions that did social work were invited to support low-income families during the coronavirus pandemic.

Already in the fourth season, the call was reopened to families, so that they could fulfill their dreams, only now priority is given to children, so that they are the protagonists of the program.

“Throughout history we know that families are always attentive to play with us and put their knowledge to the test, we are very excited about these four years of work and we know that we are going for more and fulfilling more family dreams”, he mentioned, Garcia Santander.

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During the four years of the program, more than Q3 million in prizes have been awarded throughout the country, so that families fulfill their dreams.


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