Formula to guarantee fun: video games and UPS – eSemanal

Formula to guarantee fun: video games and UPS - eSemanal

Within the framework of Children’s Day, CyberPower recommends purchasing a UPS as a smart way to guarantee fun, since they offer protection to devices such as video game consoles or gadgets that are usually common gifts for children (and not so children).

According to an analysis by The Competitive Intellingence Unit (CIU), the video game industry in Mexico has had a remarkable growth and confinement was a factor that made many adopt them as one of their favorite hobbies since they also became a way to socialize and coexist “online”.

The study pointed out that at the end of 2021, more than 72.3 million people are considered gamers in Mexico, which corresponds to 57.4% of the total population of the country and an increase of 5.5% of gamers and 4.4% in sales in the sector is observed. compared to previous years.

The manufacturer mentioned that the world of gamers is not cheap, since consoles and PC gamers have a value that ranges from $7,000 to more than $30,000 pesos, for this reason it considers it vital to protect these devices and keep them in good condition by a UPS.

He added that technicians specializing in video game console repairs explain that the cost of a fix depends on the damaged component and they agree that the most common damages are: USB and HDMI ports, fans, video and/or audio outputs, and especially failures. in power sources (electric power supply) that are one of the most recurrent generated by electrical discharges and voltage variations, which are exacerbated in the rainy season.

In the case of power sources, it is calculated that they have a value of around $4,000 pesos, which represents between 30% and 65% of the value of a console. For this reason, the manufacturer recommended taking care of this investment with a device such as a UPS, regulator or surge suppressor, which guarantees the correct protection of these electronics, including smart TVs, home theaters, modems, etc.

“UPS are a real life insurance for video game consoles or any electronic device because they protect our entire investment by simply connecting them to a UPS system,” said Raúl Robles, Marketing Manager at CyberPower.

UPSs, also known as Uninterruptible Power Supplies, are devices that, in addition to taking care of the investment and devices against electrical failures, also provide continuity in activities during a blackout, whether it is work or fun, thanks to the backup batteries that they store and supply. of electricity for some time to the connected devices, guaranteeing fun to gamers during the development of online tournaments or random games.

Raúl Robles recommended, when choosing a UPS, to know the number of devices to connect and the backup time you want to have.

“CyberPower has a wide variety of high-quality products, with international certifications, to cover any need, at competitive prices and with ECO technology to care for the environment,” concluded the executive.

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