Food and fun for street children (Day 2) – Prensa Libre

Food and fun for street children (Day 2) – Prensa Libre

Every day we can see minors on the corners of the city asking for financial help, which is why, in this 21-day wish to give happiness, one of our readers brought food and a small toy to several children who clean glasses in zone 9 of the capital.

Children who work on the streets try to help their families to have money to help them survive, but by working in this way they put themselves in danger and it is more difficult for them to access their fundamental rights, such as education.

Carlos Cordón, a reader of Prensa Libre, passes by a corner every day where several children go to clean windows, something that breaks his heart, since he sees that some drivers ignore them, he understands that perhaps not everyone has money to support them with something. , but consider that they should at least be empathic with these children.

“The idea was born because every day I pass by here and I see the children who are cleaning windows,” explains Cordón, who admits that many times people, including themselves, get angry because the children start cleaning without being answered if they want to. whether they clean their windows or not, but he reflected that they don’t do it out of spite, but out of the need to get hold of a few quetzales to eat.

“Many times one gets angry because the child arrives, throws the water on him and starts cleaning, but we don’t know what they need because they don’t have to eat,” said Carlos Cordón.

“These come here to work to earn their daily livelihood,” analyzed Cordón, who assures that his intention in fulfilling this wish was to make these children happy and that the money they earned that day could be used to cover other needs. The help consisted of giving a happy meal to five children.

happy meal delivery

The day was cloudy and it was around four in the afternoon when Carlos Cordón approached the corner where he always sees these little workers endure the heat or the cold, the smoke from the vehicles and on many occasions the insults or rudeness of the drivers.

The children were on the corner waiting for the traffic light to turn red so they could offer drivers to clean the windows of their vehicles.

Carlos approached a group of three little ones and gave them the little box with food, on the faces of the little ones a smile of gratitude could be perceived. Their joy was so great that they interrupted their work at the traffic light for a moment to immediately eat the unexpected gift.

A few meters later, he found two other children to whom he gave the happy gift box, this was just a grain of sand, but he hopes that other people can imitate this type of action.

After doing this good deed, Carlos shared with us that it was a five-year-old boy who touched his heart and inspired him to help these street children.

21 days of giving happiness, day 2: Food and fun for street children
Children who work on the streets try to help their families to have money. Free Press Photo.

“I have seen this child sleep on the floor many times, it moves me that they spend all day under the sun, the inclement cold. We don’t know what they’re going through, if they’ll find a safe place to sleep or if it’s going to have to be on the street,” he added.

“What moves me the most are his little eyes of not knowing what is happening, since he is only cleaning windows without knowing why?”

Lastly, he urged the parents or guardians of the children not to put them at risk by sending them to traffic lights, to look for another way to earn money so that the children can go to study instead of working.


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