Flights to Nicaragua are suspended through the Mexican airline Magnicharters

Flights to Nicaragua are suspended through the Mexican airline Magnicharters

The information was released just a few hours ago through different channels and social networks, and mainly affects those who need to take trips to Nicaragua for immigration purposes.

The Mexican Airline Magnicharters, specialized in flights between tourist destinations, has announced at the last minute that it is canceling all its connecting flights to Nicaragua.

As pointed out in the brief statement, the airline is forced to make that decision, without it being due to its strict will. But without arguing what or who is forcing her to do it.

“The airline informs all its passengers that for reasons of force majeure connecting flights to Nicaragua have been suspended,” the note explains.

Apparently the measure is immediately enforceable, and therefore fundamentally affects those who already had their tickets previously purchased.

“All passengers must contact their agencies for the reimbursement of their ticket,” the message is limited to specify, replicated by the Cuban Airport and Airport Services Company, ECASA.

It is also clarified that the usual flights between Cuba and Mexico will continue to operate.

The measure is added to many others that seek to hinder the trips to Nicaragua of thousands of potential Cuban emigrants.

In November 2021, the Nicaraguan government established a free visa for Antilleans, and in just a few months the number of Cuban emigrants who have arrived in the United States already exceeds that of the well-known exodus from Mariel.

Last March alone, some 40,000 Cubans arrived in the United States through the border with Mexico. The population corresponding to a small city in the interior of the island.


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