Five trips through Spain to start dreaming about vacations

Five trips through Spain to start dreaming about vacations

The sudden onset of good weather and the lengthening of the days trigger the desire to escape far away. But here are a few excursions as an appetizer to the long-awaited summer:

Sanlucar de Barrameda

We must turn our eyes to this Cadiz town located where the Guadalquivir river ends and flanked by a handful of endless beaches where the waves of the Atlantic crash. It must be done, first of all, because of its great historical milestone: known to all is the fact that from here departed, in 1519, the ships commanded by the Portuguese Ferdinand Magellan and his replacement in command, the Spanish Juan Sebastián Elcano, willing to complete the first circumnavigation of the globe.

You also have to do it for the famous horse races, that festival declared of international tourist interest that this year will be held on August 9, 10 and 11 (the first cycle), and August 23, 24 and 25 (the second cycle). ). But above all, the main reason is that Sanlúcar de Barrameda is the Capital of Gastronomy 2022which makes it a first-rate oculinary destination. Its land and sea products and its legendary wines only confirm it.

The island of Cabrera

Although it should not be aired too much, it is always an absolute pleasure to visit this small island located half an hour by boat from the south of Mallorca. A place that has all the wickers of the perfect refugefar away as it is from tourist resources (there are no hotels or restaurants beyond a canteen) and with certain (and praised) restrictions that allow it to be kept wild: you cannot fish, or dive without permission, or drop anchor in the surroundings.

The result is a landscape of overwhelming purity, inhabited intact more than 500 species of plants and almost a thousand of marine animals. Quite a privilege to be traveled on foot from top to bottom along various routes, and to finish off the visit with a swim in crystal clear waters, so highly infested with fish that one feels inside an aquarium.

Lleida and the Artiga de Lin

Unknown to the general public, under this evocative name hides a place of extreme beauty in the Valley of Arán. A place shaped by the ice ages and tremendously rich in native fauna and flora, where stories of shepherds, refugees and traffickers who escaped from the Nazis during World War II rest.

Those who venture to discover it will find several beautiful routes through beech, fir, hazel and birch forests, which are home to roe deer, wild boar and, although very elusive, also some brown bears. But above all, they will find water in a true geological wonder: the one that melts from the aneto glacierseeps underground and suddenly reappears in this idyllic setting.

Western Navarre

Curious is, for those who do not know it, the so-called Vía Verde de Plazaola, a route that runs along the route of the old steam railway that linked Pamplona with San Sebastián. Today this path delights walkers and cyclists, who venture through the valleys of Larraun and Leizarán, in the northwest of Navarra, right where once a monotonous rattle was heard.

The path, full of wooden benches and railings, stations converted into tourist offices, endless tunnels and almost a viewpoint at every bend, crosses forests, meadows and exquisite villages with beautiful traditionally built mansions. Besides allows forks to enter through new and glorious nature. And everything, always, with the majestic views of the Sierra de Aralar at the bottom.

The Enchanted City of Cuenca

It is always a good plan to rediscover this wonder of Cuenca that attracts some 50,000 visitors a year. Some places that have been cataloged as Site of National Interest and that have been praised by writers of the stature of Pío Baroja, Blasco Ibáñez or Miguel de Unamuno

Enchanted city, Cuenca

The Enchanted City, that labyrinth of gigantic limestone blocks, in which fantastic figures appear for three kilometers, baptized by the popular imagination with the names of animals and objects, is the great attraction of The Serrania de Cuencaone of the largest in the peninsula, which although it lacks high mountains, it is a showcase of geological phenomena that make up a prodigious landscape.


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