Ferrari SP48 Unica: A unique Ferrari that is not (only) bought with money

Ferrari SP48 Unica: A unique Ferrari that is not (only) bought with money

Cany ferrari is special, but there are more special than others. And at the top of them all are the one-offunique pieces created for a single client which, as it is easy to deduce, must be someone singular. Because it must not only have sufficient economic capacity to pay for it -of these there are surely many- but also the influence and tradition in the brand to be the chosen one.

The last of this very special saga is the Ferrari SP48 Uniquea special project built on the basis of an F8 Tributo, with its chassis and engine, but deeply redesigned.

All Ferrari at the service of a customer

Ferrari’s chief designer himself, Flavio Manzonwas placed at the orders of the buyer to give shape to the idea that the client hadsomething that was done using all the design tools available to the Maranello Style Center. The result is obvious, especially in the rear, which has a completely different personality from that of the F8 Tribute from which it derives.

Although derived from the F8 Tributo, its appearance is truly unique.

The frontal is more recognizable, although the modifications are clearly appreciated, especially in the lower part of the bumper, where a hexagonal grill pattern that will mark the common thread of the car’s design. The hood has two air intakes instead of the central S-Duct of the F8 Tribute and even the headlights have been modified giving them an air closer to the current models of ferrari.

The profile it is very changed since the surface of the side windows has been reduced and the rear ones have been eliminated, the rear overhang is greater and the side air intakes also change (there is now an additional one at the end of the windows, above the intercooler air intake).

The back It has nothing to do with the Tribute. The rear window missing already marks the differences, but also the disappearance of the double round headlights in favor of more modern horizontal optics and the rear spoiler reinterpretation. The engine cover receives the

Ferrari SP48 Unica - one off - Special Project - F8 Tributo - unique piece - exclusive

Who is the owner? How much? That is part of the mystery…

In it inside there are fewer changes, although the absence of the rear window gives another environment to the cockpit. The seats of alcantara They have laser perforated body hexagons, under whose forms a fabric that imitates the exterior color can be seen. The matte carbon fiber shares the spotlight with the skin inside the interior of this jewel.

720 horsepower twin-turbocharged V8

The Ferrari SP48 Unique It does not present changes in its mechanical configuration (or at least they are not alluded to in the information offered by Ferrari), so its numbers must be similar to those of the Tribute. We are talking about an engine 720 horsepower twin-turbocharged V8 that allows you to offer your driver acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds.

who will be your owner? how much will there be side stand? those are two secrets that may never be revealed



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