Federation: an unbeatable option for family vacations

Federation: an unbeatable option for family vacations

Federación is the municipality and head of the Federación department in the province of Entre Ríos, Argentina. The municipality includes the town of the same name and a rural area. It is located on the right bank of the reservoir formed by the Salto Grande dam on the Uruguay River.

Its main engine is tourism and its most recognized thermal complex, in dialogue with The Mar del Plata, Charles Miller secretary of Tourism of the municipality of Federation, He referred to the benefits of a destination.

“Federation has one of the largest thermal complexes in the province in the country and many people from Mar del Plata go. Due to a seasonal issue, it is the date to go this time. Today we had a meeting with the mayor William Montenegro, Carla Aldaraz responsible for the EMTUR. We combine criteria and reasons to work together to promote our destinations with a joint vision because tourism generates many jobs”

“Our destiny is calm, we barely have 25,000 inhabitants, our water comes out of the Guarani aquifer at temperatures of 41 degrees, we have an 18-hectare property with accessible tickets of 1,200 pesos and discounts for retirees and minors. You can enter at 8 a.m. and leave at 8 p.m. with medical assistance, lifeguards,” added the official from Entre Ríos.

“Another reason to visit us is that it is a young city, it is barely 42 years old because it had to be refounded by a flood. It is well laid out and has its green spaces distributed. It is a small, quiet and safe place”he highlighted.

“We have 8 kilometers of waterfront for a walk, a walk, it is very welcoming. Apart from meeting the people from Entre Ríos, their kindness, our mates and these other elements that make us want to know this destination”

For those who have the possibility of going by car, the road is very direct and the connectivity is very safe since there are highways. The recommended route for the people of Mar del Plata is to exit through highway 2, to then connect with highway 6 and from there to highway 14, from there you reach Federation. The invitation is made for a family getaway or vacation. For more information you can access www.federacion.tur.ar


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