Features, prices and more details

Features, prices and more details

    Recently Honda presented us with its ambitious electrification plan with which it wants to reach 2050 by being a carbon neutral company at a global levela plan that, as we know, will be even more accelerated in Europe, where we will already have up to three new electrified models in 2023.

    In the United States, however, things are also getting interesting, especially after Honda and General Motors will seal an agreement to jointly develop mass electric. As well, the first model resulting from that collaboration is here. It is a 100% electric SUV and it is called Honda Prologue. A model that is already beginning to be shown with this first image and its first data before a premiere scheduled for the year 2024.

    Main features of the Honda Prologue

    We know that for next year Honda had prepared a new electric SUV for Europe known at the moment as the Honda e:NY 1 Prototype. However, both because of its origin, with a design made between teams from the United States and Japan, its DNA from the American GM and above all its design, this seems to be a different model. Unlike the European model This Prologue is presented to us with a somewhat more retro appearance, in fact it is partly reminiscent of the style of the Honda ewith stylized rectangular headlamps attached to the closed pieno black “grill” area and Honda badging to form a long, dark horizontal closely integrated into an otherwise fairly clean and sleek looking front end. However, its design is also functional since it seeks to offer improved aerodynamics and not only that, but it will also make the most of its electric condition with a long wheelbase and short overhangs.

    In this, in fact, the basis on which this model was born has a lot to say, and that is that we are talking about nothing more and nothing less than the General Motors Ultium platform for electric coachesalthough no details have been given about its powertrain or future autonomy figures.

    An ambitious plan to conquer and electrify North America

    Honda has confirmed that it will also be General Motors that puts the place for its manufacture, which will be in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico. That will be in 2024but Honda has already dropped a roadmap with a total of three phases for its North American electrification plan. The launch in two years, in 2024, of this Prologue is the first, while in 2026 a second phase will come with the start of production and sales of Honda models with the new e:Architecture base, already production and sales of a new range of affordable electric models will start in 2027, featuring an all-new architecture co-developed with GM. With all this, Honda hopes to sell some 500,000 electric cars in North America by 2030.

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