FC Barcelona: Riquelme’s unmissable lesson and the story of the Bara footballer who “confused world football”

FC Barcelona: Riquelme's unmissable lesson and the story of the Bara footballer who

since i appeared Busquets we think that if the team plays badly it is because the 5 passes the ball badly. Busquets confused world football, made us think that the 5 has to make the team play and there is only one Busquets, he plays as a 5 as a 10. There is only one Busquets, the only 5 I’ve met in my life who does everything well,” said the former Argentine soccer player. Juan Roman Riquelme during an unmissable soccer talk on ESPN.

“Now number 5 has to have a good pass, because if the team plays badly it’s because number 5 passes the ball badly. We already forgot that before it was the number 10 that made you play well. Now it seems that if the team plays poorly, it’s because of the five. We already forgot that 5 has to mark, that he has to get between the centrals“, I assure.

The lack of goal of the ends

In addition, the vice president and sports director of Boca Juniors tried to explain the 4 parts that a team must always have: “For me, football is four things: goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and forward. The interior, the far right… That’s what I think, now it seems that the obligation of the goal is the number 9. I always say to Chelo Delgado, ‘what the hell are you playing today?’ He told me that he couldn’t because he liked to score goals and diagonals. extreme right, left, we are removing the obligation to score goals. The interior right and the left…”.

“I don’t criticize any system. We try to teach the boys in our club basic things that they don’t understand. At the end you tell him ‘champion, you have to score a goal’, and we explain it to him all day to have a Barros Schelotto or a Thin Cello. Why don’t they play like City? There is only one Guardiola, only one Busquets. But I get bored when the goalkeeper touches it more than the 10. We need Romero to touch things 100 times. Football for me, to attack and defend is to cut the path, it is diagonal, inside and back, the same to run and score, it is simple for me, although I am wrong there, “he concluded.


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