FC Barcelona: Gavi and Bara: the agreement resists

FC Barcelona: Gavi and Bara: the agreement resists

meI Barcelona and Gavi Negotiations continue for the renewal of the footballer’s contract. This Monday there have been contacts between the two parties, but without reaching a final agreement. There are still some issues that need to be addressed in upcoming talks in order to reach an understanding. The predisposition of the two parties is good and everything indicates that an agreement will be reached, although we still have to wait.

Xavi: “Gavi and Araujo? We can’t afford either of the two marches”

The renewal of Gavi is one of the great priorities for Xavi Hernández. After Ronald Araujo’s contract extension, the club is focusing all its efforts on leave a folder closed It’s been open too long. The two parties have been negotiating for several months, but the agreement has not yet been reached.

The footballer understands that the club must make an effort taking into account the performance he has had this season. Gavi has become, despite being only 17 years old, a regular starter for Xavi. It already was with Koeman and it has continued to be despite the replacement on the bench. Something that, for example, did not happen with Nico What happened from being a starter with the Dutch to being a substitute. And he also wants the fact that he has already been called up to the national team by Luis Enrique to be valued.

The club, meanwhile, is going through some economic problems that limit their room for maneuver when it comes to offering money. And he understands that being 17 years old he has many years to have improvements in the record. The idea of ​​the club is that firm until 2028 with a clause of 1,000 million. In this process there is a discussion between the two parties, but what is evident is that there has been a rapprochement between the two.

The first offer they made to the player was very far from his aspirations, which made it possible to foresee many difficulties in reaching an agreement. However, with the passage of time has improved the club’s proposal and a few days ago there was a meeting between his representative, Ivn de la Peña, with Mateo Alemán and Jordi Cruyff in which the positions were very close and the situation was unblocked.


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