FC Barcelona: Barça ‘blocks’ Raphinha

FC Barcelona: Barça 'blocks' Raphinha

youne of the objectives that Barcelona has in order to reinforce the squad is the hiring of raphinha. The Brazilian winger likes the Sports Directorate very much and they have been following him for a long time. One of the factors that plays in favor of Barcelona is that his representative is decorformer Barça footballer, who is also a member of the club’s sports commission.

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Football player wants to come to Barcelona. As he has told the Barça club in the conversations they have had. Not only that, but he is willing to wait for a response from Bara when he can make a formal offer to Leeds for the player. As long as the Barça club does not make a statement, the footballer will not commit to any other club. Barcelona have moved well and somehow blocked Raphinha.

There are several factors that need to be resolved before such an offer can be made to Leeds. First we will see what happens with the English team. If the price of the footballer fell, it would be €25 million since there is a clause that fixes that sale price if your team loses the category. If it finally achieved permanence, then it would be necessary to negotiate without any fixed price.

And the financial situation in Can Bara remains to be resolved, which is not easy at all and will not be solved soon. The club has to do gap in Financial Fair Play. The process has three phases. The first is to remove players to be able to sign. Then comes getting money to sign through financial deals. And, finally, in view of that money, set priorities.

Another factor that can have its influence is Dembl’s renewal. The Frenchman and Raphinha are not mutually exclusive, but it is clear that Dembl’s continuity means that the urgency to signing to another end is reduced. Therefore, we will have to wait to see how events unfold, but the Bara is counting on Raphinha to give him the necessary time.


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