F1: Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, live

F1: Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, live

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– The
ground effect It helps promote equality between the single-seaters. Until now the
dirty air made the single-seaters
lose 35% of their downforce when they rolled behind the leader. The loss of this charge is now reduced by 4% in 20 meters and a
18% at 10 meters.

Deflectors on the tires. These deflectors direct airflow across the wheels; so that the single-seaters
increase your downforce. Thus, they contribute to generating that ground effect.

18-inch wheels: Expected with 18-inch wheels
reduce tire heating and, thus, achieve greater equality in the grand prizes.

Simpler ailerons: The DRS remains on the rear wing although it is simpler. The arrival of the air from the front to the rear spoiler
creates a rotating airflow and generates an invisible wake.

car size: This season’s car is bigger. The minimum weight is 795kg.

More safety and sustainability: The side of the car is twice as strong, and
carbon footprint has been improved to make sport more sustainable. In fact, it is required that there be a 5.7% biological component. Besides,
the engines convert 50% of the fuel’s energy into power.

Motor lovers and fanatics, at 3:00 p.m. the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix will start at the Enzo e Dino Ferrari Autodrome in Imola. We remember that the pole was taken by Max Verstappen and he also won yesterday’s sprint; so he has already accumulated two first positions this weekend, and today he will start ahead of
charles leclerc and his teammate,
Sergio Perez.
Carlos Sainz leaves fourth, and
Fernando Alonso tenth. In these two hours that we have ahead of us, we have a lot to review. So make yourselves comfortable and comfortable because… let’s start!


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