F1 2022: F1 sprint races: What is it, how do they work and when are they?

F1 2022: F1 sprint races: What is it, how do they work and when are they?

ANDn formula 1 in 2021 there was a milestone without comparison in its more than 70 years of existence, the arrival, on Saturdays, of sprint races that elucidated the grid of the race of a lifetime, the one on Sunday. The formula was successful: fans and almost all drivers and teams liked it. It led to more excitement, overtaking and surprises.

Therefore, for 2022 it has been maintained, although changes have been made to adjust it more to the wishes of the teams, the competitors or the fans themselves. This weekend in Imola the first of those to be held during this course will take place. your celebration alter the program of the whole weekend.

This is the new F1 format for the weekend

To begin with, it will only be done a free practice session on Friday, the so-called Free 1, lasting one hour. Thus, in the afternoon there will be no Free Practice 2, but directly the qualifying session, with Q1, Q2 and Q3like the one that is normally done on Saturdays to choose the grill.

On Saturday morning there will be a free practice session, Free Practice 2 and there will be no Free Practice 3. It will last one hour. Later, later the sprint race will take place. It will last 21 laps, or what is the same, around half an hour if there are no red flags. For Sunday, as is traditional, the ‘normal’ race is left, in this case at 08:00 (Central Mexico time) and with 63 laps. But, what has changed from 2021 to 2022 in these new races? Well, several things:

This is what F1 sprint races are like

It may seem like a mere anecdote, but F1 has decided to change it to give it more importance. no longer named ‘sprint qualifying’ but it talks about ‘sprint race’. In fact, it is planned to appear on the screen labels as ‘F1 Sprint’. They will last 100 kilometers. There will be no podium ceremony, but the winner will receive a trophy in Parc Fermé.

Luca BrunoAP

the poleman

The diference of the last year, fastest driver in Friday qualifying will be officially named ‘poleman’. In 2021, the ‘poleman’ was the winner of the ‘sprint’ event. On Sunday, the one who wins the ‘sprint’ race will start first in the long or ‘normal’ race, not the one who finished first on Friday. For statistical purposes it is also relevant.

How many points are distributed in spint races?

In 2021, only the drivers who got on the podium in the sprint event scored (3-2-1). This is what has changed the most, since on Saturday 36 points will be distributed compared to those six. top eight of the ‘sprint race’ will therefore have the opportunity to score: The first, eight points; the second, seven; the third, six; the fourth, five; the fifth, four; the sixth, three; the seventh, two; and the eighth, one.

Grand Prix with sprint races

There was a lot of debate between the teams, the FIA ​​and Liberty about it. In 2021 there were three. F1, after the success, wanted to increase them to six. But the calendar was also lengthened, to 23 grand prix. The teams complained because one of the measures has been a cost reduction and with more events that was difficult. For this reason, an agreement was reached keep all three in all 2022: The first, this Imolathe second will be in Austriaon July 9, and the third, in Brazilwhere one was already played in 2021, on November 12.



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