‘Eyes of fire’, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’, ‘Uncharted’ and more

'Eyes of fire', 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2', 'Uncharted' and more

A new weekend marked by the celebration of Eurovision is about to arrive, but we are not going to leave aside our usual review of the most outstanding cinema of these days. Today we bring you 11 movies that are released in cinemas, appear in streaming, are released in physical format or can be seen on a Spanish television channel with national reach.

I remind you that we also have a list of the best Netflix movies of 2022 so far, a review of four essential films that leave said platform this weekend or a selection of films undervalued by critics that are worth recovering in streaming. That said, let’s move on to the chosen ones for this weekend.

In theaters

‘Fire Eyes’ (‘Firestarter’)

New adaptation of the novel Stephen King with the production company Blumhouse in charge of updating the story. It has received very bad reviews, but that does not mean that it is the most powerful premiere in theaters this week.

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‘Back to school’ (‘Senior Year’)

Back to the Institute

a comedy of Netflix whose premise makes one inevitably remember ‘7 lives’, but when push comes to shove you choose to use it to get a high school movie off the ground. Starring rebel wilsonhas the particularity of being the first film in which he has participated since his remarkable weight loss.

in physical format


The successful adaptation of the popular video game finally reaches our homes with a promising edition that includes, among other extras, director’s comments and deleted scenes, probably the most striking additional content.

Review of ‘Uncharted’

‘The Scam’ (‘Bad Education’)

The fraud

Hugh Jackman excels in this film based on a powerful real scandal in the educational community. The actor offers what is perhaps the best performance of his career, but his merits do not end there, since it is an absorbing work that is followed at all times with great interest.

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in TV

‘The Treasure of the Sierra Madre’ (‘The Treasure of the Sierra Madre’)

The Sierra Madre Treasure

An essential adventure film that uses greed to tackle the gold rush through its main characters. Giving enough importance to the characters, both the initial friendship and the way in which they degrade, it is one of the most important works of John Huston.

Friday at 22:15 in La 2

‘The Jungle Book’ (‘The Jungle Book’)

The Jungle Book

The best film resulting from Disney’s recent obsession with bringing out live-action remakes of some of its most beloved animated classics. visually impressive, Jon Favreau It does not forget that it is also necessary to take care of the dramatic to avoid being an update without a soul.

Saturday at 15:45 in Cuatro

Review of ‘The Jungle Book’



Paul Verhoeven He nailed it with this cross between an action movie and a science fiction movie with a strong violent content. It shows a freedom almost impossible to achieve a production of these characteristics today, but it is not only violence, it also has a juicy background.

Saturday at 5:45 p.m. on Neox

Review of ‘Robocop’

‘Limit: 48 hours’ (’48 hrs.’)

Limit 48 Hours

One of the most mythical buddy movies of the 80s that rests mainly on the chemistry between Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy in two opposite characters, but also in the energy that he prints behind the cameras Walter Hill.

Saturday at 8:00 p.m. at Paramount

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‘Hidden plan’ (‘Inside Man’)

Hidden Scheme

Spike Lee He pulled out of his sleeve an entertaining and elegant robbery movie far removed from the usual coordinates of his cinema. In its favor, it also has a skilful script and a solvent cast dedicated to the cause led by Denzel Washington and Clive Owen.

Sunday at 15:45 in Cuatro

Review of ‘Hidden plan’

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

This second installment of one of the best films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe fell somewhat short of its predecessor, but it is still a very entertaining pastime, with personality and the occasional unforgettable scene.

Sunday at 22:05 in La 1

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‘Sunday’s sickness’

Sunday Sickness

The great performances of Barbara Lennie and Susi Sanchez are the best of this powerful drama of Ramon Salazar that slowly cooks the relationship between its two characters without ever falling into the error of becoming a mere film for the personal brilliance of both.

Sunday at 22:35 in La 2

Review of ‘Sunday Illness’


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