Expovacaciones awakens the desire to travel this weekend at the BEC

Expovacaciones awakens the desire to travel this weekend at the BEC

The appointment returns to its usual date, after the edition in October of last year. / S.LL.

The event begins that will also promote its own tourist resources until tomorrow to promote internal mobility

Thousands of people already dream of vacationing at the BEC. Expovacaciones has opened its doors this Friday at the trade fair where it will bring together more than 180 travel agencies, tourist entities and representatives from corners of the entire State, as well as other destinations such as Andorra, Portugal or Cuba. The appointment will also promote the nearest treasures. “This is the best showcase to show a plural, innovative and sustainable Euskadi”, Javier Hurtado, Minister of Tourism, Trade and Consumption of the Basque Government, defended the inauguration.

The representative of the Executive opened the conference together with the deputy for Economic Promotion Ainara Basurko, who pointed out that the event “will help, above all, to publicize our tourism resources.” Hurtado, for his part, recalled that in 2019 a greater number of foreign visitors than nationals had been visited for the first time, just 51%. After the interruption of covid-19, this first quarter of 2022 has already managed to exceed the pre-pandemic years, with very positive data at Easter.

The prospects are good and for this reason Basque destinations are also committed to displaying their attractions at the BEC. Thus, for example, the Bizkaia stand includes areas where the different regions show their novelties. This is the case of the Gorbea area, which takes advantage of the event to present a new 90-kilometre MTB route that goes around the entire natural park. «It appears sponsored in the Wikilock application and allows access from different points such as Orozko or Etxandia. It can be done in several days and use the accommodations in the area, ”says a representative, Nerea del Campo.

La Rioja is also a nearby destination “with which Bizkaia shares a blood relationship”, defends the director of Tourism for the region, Ramiro Gil. The neighboring community, which has its main visitors here with many Biscayans with their second residence there, also has two other pillars: “Being a reference enoregion”, valuing its famous wines, and being the “valley of the language” having embraced the origins of Castilian. “For us this is a mandatory appointment,” explains Gil.

They also want it to be for destinations close to Lisbon, where they present a new route to Santiago de Compostela. The representative of the nearby natural park of Arrábida, Vanda Pinto, points out that currently its main visitors are from the surroundings of Cáceres. “We usually say that Yessembra is Badajoz beach,” the woman jokes, adding that now they want to attract Basque visitors.

rise of caravans

Caravan tourism has its own appointment these days linked to Expovacaciones, Caravaning, with conferences and vehicle exhibition. Planetacamper, located in Ortuella, has brought 17 models closer. “A lot of sales are usually closed here,” acknowledges one of its representatives, Aitor Konpes, who clarifies that despite the boom that is being experienced, “increased with the pandemic”, some visitors still have doubts about the legislation, and remarks that it is currently possible to spend one night in the vehicle in a space that is not a campsite. “What you can’t do is stay for many days,” he says.

Another model is that of modular or industrialized houses taught by Javier Martínez. Those aimed at campsites and the like are around 25 or 35 square meters, with two or three rooms. “We are also having a lot of work since the pandemic,” says the man.

In addition to planning the summer, Expovacaciones is a place where you can travel with your palate thanks to various stalls selling typical delicacies from different regions. Rubén González from the Cantabrian store ‘El Sabor de mi Tierruca’ has everything you would expect from this community: bonito, anchovies, sobados, quesada and honey. “It is the most traditional. Last year I was already at Expovacaciones, and although it was a somewhat unusual date – in October – it worked well », he points out. His stand helps the first visitors enjoy themselves, who want to take advantage of the space to enjoy the space with fewer people, like Getxo’s neighbor Marisol Cruzado. “We usually spend the summer in Asturias. We will take the opportunity to look at some information about the area and also about nearby tourism, and above all to enjoy the atmosphere », he warns.



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