everything you need to know to enjoy paradise

everything you need to know to enjoy paradise

A paradise to discover. So we could define the Mauritius Islands, one of the coastal pearls of the Indian Ocean that can be seen as a delicate jewel with kilometers and kilometers of white sand beaches surrounded by coral reefs.

A place for those who seek paradisiacal rest with no other objective than to enjoy the sun, water and the mere contemplation of a blue horizon with some of the most crystalline and perfect waters on the planet.

But, for fairness, we have to say that Mauritius is much more than just a perfect place for a sun and beach holiday. It is an island with a thousand faces, with infinite plans for all types of travelers: adventurers, nature lovers, foodies or lovers of the purity of its waters.

In fact, contemplating the nature and the spectacular vegetation of Mauritius is one of the main motivations to travel to an island as beautiful as it is unreal. One of the clearest examples is the one known as Land of Seven Colorswhere sand dunes of different colors are erected in the middle of a lush forest.

It is also for Le Morne Barbant, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This mountain is considered the most beautiful in Mauritius and is made up of a single basalt rock that can be accessed with organized hikes.

And yes… we also dream of visiting this remote island in the southeast of Africa. That is why, to help you get situated, we will tell you everything you need to know (and where to go) on a trip to this Indian paradise.

Flight hours from Spain

The first thing we must know is how we can get to this untamed and paradisiacal island. The first thing you should know is that there are no direct flights from Spain, but there are from France. Specifically from Paris and with the airline Air France, which offers flights from 450 euros to 800 in high season.

That is why you must make a stopover in Paris if your flight leaves from Madrid or from any other point on the peninsula. The duration of the flights, with stopovers included, are approximately 14 hours. Although everything will depend on whether you make a stopover or two. In the case of the latter it can take up to 18 hours to land in Mauritius. Of course… it’s worth it.

Location on the map of Mauritius

So that you situate yourself, and so that you are not scared by the plane hours to reach your destination, we are going to show you where Mauritius is located specifically. Does Madagascar ring a bell? Well, it is simply to the east of this popular African island. But in case it’s not clear to you… we’ll show you on a map.

Hotels in Mauritius

Mauritius offers hundreds of possibilities, but, without a doubt, one of the most widespread is that of the resorts. We can find as many as we want and they all offer a unique experience if we want to enjoy its waters, its excursions and its acclaimed and beautiful places.

These hotels, for the most part, offer the all inclusive. Although that will depend on what you prefer to hire on your trip. Of course… prices range between 200 and 400 euros.

We recommend you Shandrani Beachcomber Resort & Spa, located to the east of the island. Although you also have other options like the Shangri-La Le Toussrok Mauritius or the Hilyon Mauritius Resort & Spa.

Hotels in which the infarct views of the Indian Ocean stand out, gleaming palm trees that encourage bathing and services worthy of the best resorts on planet earth. And all of them surrounded by the proliferating and exuberant nature of an island that intends to leave us speechless.

Offers to travel to Mauritius

The best thing to travel to the Mauritius Islands is, without a doubt, the all-inclusive packages. That is, those offers that combine flights, all-inclusive hotels and transfers. ANDThese packs start at 1,000 euros per person and can reach 3,000it all depends on the luxury with which you want to live your experience in the other part of the world.

On the other hand, if you are one of those explorers who want to live the experience on their own, it is best to travel in the low season. Seasons in which you are going to ensure good temperatures, since they stand out throughout the year, and in which you are going to be able to enjoy the island in a calmer and less crowded way. Although, above all, you will find cheaper hotel prices and flights at an unbeatable price compared to the high season.



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