Everything they are going to ask you to cross to Chile for Christ the Redeemer

Everything they are going to ask you to cross to Chile for Christ the Redeemer

Last Thursday, April 14 (Holy Thursday), Chile relaxed sanitary measures to enter its countrywhich were rigid since the beginning of the pandemic: Mobility Pass, Affidavit, covid medical insurance and the non-obligation of presenting a negative PCR facilitated the visit of foreigners and made it viable and logical one of the preferred destinations of Argentines, especially all mendocinos for a matter of proximity. Nevertheless, there are gray and misinformation that confuse people and deserve a detailed explanation.

The Paso Cristo Redentor/Los Libertadores is the most important of the entire Argentine-Chilean border and thousands of travelers and carriers arrive daily, including tourists who go for a weekend -or a few more days- as it was before March 2020.

Given this situation, a practical (and empirical) guide to what it is like and what to do to travel to Chile by private car through the PF Los Libertadores, without problems, seems necessary.

what do i need

-Covid medical insurance that covers $30,000, can be obtained in Mendoza for approximately $500 a day.
-Sworn Declaration of Health (called C19). : must be presented digitally with the cell phone and not printed. To do so, the data must be completed at https://mevacuno.gob.cl/, creating an account in the tab that says “EMAIL” (Image 1). Once this is done and the data is completed, enter where it says C19 (Image 2), the statement will ask us to upload a PDF with the health insurance.
-In the same place they can against the coronavirus to obtain the “Mobility Pass”, although this is not necessary and they do not require it.

Image 1

Image 2


The crossings open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. for cars, but the “barriers” are lowered at 5 p.m. in Guardia Vieja (Chile) and Punta de Vacas (Argentina). Although that schedule can be somewhat permissive, it is advisable to go with time.

: Before crossing into Chile, you must enter the Horcones customs complex where they deliver a “vehicle authorization”, which will then be requested when passing through the tunnel.

You have to “authorize” the vehicle in Horcones before crossing into Chile

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This is not informed or signaledbut it is a necessary procedure, otherwise from Los Libertadores they will be sent back to Argentina. This happens to almost 100 cars per day, on weekends, as reported by customs to the Mail.

When returning, the mechanics are the same, first you have to exit in Los Libertadores and then go through customs in Horcones. Double procedure.+

Validate vaccines, yes or no?

The Mobility Pass is not mandatory to enter Chile. The warnings say that although it can be circulated, it is requested to enter closed places such as bars, malls, shops, supermarkets.

The truth is that nowhere do they ask for it, with the exception of some isolated case.

The pass working almost normal

Although the rise in cases in recent weeks led the Boric government to make the decision to go back from “phase” to 95 communes, including the entire Metropolitan Region and a good part of Valparaiso, Chile functions normally.

All trade, cultural and sports activities, recreation, with minimal restrictions, are underway.

The use of a chinstrap is mandatory and 98% of people use it on the street, also in closed places, and when you enter each place (whatever it is) they take the temperature and put alcohol gel in your hands.

Chile works normally but they take care of themselves with a mask, temperature and gel alcohol


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