Eric García explains why he left Guardiola devastated when he left Manchester City

Eric García explains why he left Guardiola devastated when he left Manchester City

In an exclusive interview with ESPN, Eric García explained why he left Manchester City for Barcelona

“You can’t imagine how I feel. My heart is broken. Eric is like a son. I think he will play at the Camp Nou. Barcelona don’t buy normal players and we are talking about a high profile.”

so lamented Pep Guardiola the departure of Éric García from Manchester City in the middle of last year Barcelonawho will face the Real society for The league.

Many people did not understand the decision of the promising Spanish defender. It is not usual for a player who defends one of the richest clubs in the world to go to another that was going through one of the worst crises in his history.

Still, Garcia told ESPN that he didn’t think twice when he received an offer to return to the team that trained him at the base since he was 11 years old.

“I’m great. Barcelona is the club of my dreams and being here is a privilege, right? I always said that. And when I had the option to return, of course I accepted,” he explained in an exclusive interview.

A product of La Masía, the defender was signed by Manchester City at the age of 16 and made his professional debut in 2018. In three seasons with Guardiola’s team, he played 35 games and won the FA Cup, the Premier League and the Copa de la League.

Inspired by Pique

On his return to Catalonia he did not have great difficulties in adapting and quickly became the starter of the team led by coach Xavi Hernandez.

“It’s something very important. Here at Barcelona since you were little you’re used to playing with the ball in defense and having a very high line. The good thing is that after you arrive here (in the main team) and you play the same”.

In the Catalan team, García hopes to repeat the history of the defender Gerard Piquéwho left the premier league (Man Utd), but returned to Catalonia to consecrate himself.

“Being on the team with Pique is incredible. I went from watching play to Pique in the stadium to play with him. He is a club legend. For me, he is one of the best defenders in history. And it’s clear what he brings to the team, with hierarchy and leadership that shows.”

At a time of reconstruction after the departure of Lionel Messi, Barcelona opted for several promising players such as Gavi, Pedri and Ansu Fati.

“We are a very young squad, with players with a lot of experience and a very high level. We are five, six or seven players who can go with the Spanish team. In the end, it shows the good talent that there is here in Spain and in other places. I think all the players we have in the squad are of an incredible level.”



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