Enjoy your family with these games for fun

Un rompecabezas también es una gran manera de convivir con la familia. (cortesía)

With work pressures and schoolworkit is true that on many occasions we leave aside important things such as the coexistence with our loved ones, especially with the familysince we consider it that part that will always be with us regardless The time and the distance. While it may be true, we cannot guarantee any link.

Therefore, if they have time on the weekend, a day off, or on vacation, even if you have some free time, they can propose spend those times together, doing a fun and recreational activity for everyone. We recommend some games that will make you spend a pleasant time to live and join with the members.


play jump the rope It is an activity that can help a lot both physically and emotionallyhe when using it as a way to live with those we love most. Enjoy this activity in the company of the family, it will be a very fun way to exercise and laugh with them.

hot potato

This activity can be done with any objectnot necessarily with a dad. It consists of passing the object while the first person who passed it sings “Pass it, pass it” for an indefinite time, until he decides to shout: “hot potato”. The person who keeps the object will have to fulfill a challengewho can decide as a group or take out of a container a little paper with the task to accomplish.

Who I am?

This game is made with a paper where they can come names of celebrities, movies, fictional characters, series, objects, food, etc.. The limit is the sky in the categories. Everyone will have to put the piece of paper in the front without knowing which one they got and between all of them, in turns, they have to give tracks Whoever has to guess who it is to get it right.

Faces and gestures

This classic game consists of the person drawing a little paper with any category as in the previous activity. The person who takes out the piece of paper must do the mimes and gestures for your partner to guess what you mean within a limit of weather for everyone to determine.

stanza stories

For this game, the person starts with a sentence to start the story. The next person will have to follow the story with another prayer, and the next too. Together, they will create a tale with all the sentences that they mention. I know they will have fun a lot with the result that can be generated among all


A classic game that consists of a person beginning to mentally recite the alphabet until the mediator says “Enough”. With the letter that has remained at the moment of hearing the word, people They must fill in as quickly and originally as possible the word of each category that they all put. Whoever does it before time runs out wins the round.



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