Enjoy the fun and excitement of Desert Safari Dubai

Enjoy the fun and excitement of Desert Safari Dubai

They are dream activities, magical moments that keep a unique imprint, you will live unforgettable adventures that will remain engraved in your memory for life.

When talking about the “Dubai Desert Safari”, it is automatically related to the unforgettable experience of the Bedouin desert safari. In the itinerary we find:

  • Dune Bashing, a wonderful adventure in the Arabian sands, there you will spend a day in the Bedouin desert, you will enjoy a unique landscape, you will be able to contemplate from sunrise discovering the colors of sunrise in the sands and the warm breeze that accompanies it.

During the morning you can tour the desert sands in 4×4 vehicles with experienced drivers, you can have an adrenaline overdose touring the dunes, making turns in the sand and capturing unique images on the desert safari. Without hesitation, you will enjoy the sunset over the desert dunes, it is an image that you will never forget, the colors of the sunset of the sand dunes will make you fall in love. The immensity of the sand dunes will conquer you, they will allow you to play, enjoy the sands of the desert and be able to take tons of photographs, capturing the magic that will live in the desert.

  • You will be able to ride a camel, an experience that everyone dreams of doing once in a lifetime, you will be able to wear typical local costumes and portray yourself as if you were an Arab. You will be able to visit unknown places on a camel, learning about its history.
  • In the desert camps you can take a few moments of relaxation, drink a drink contemplating the immensity of the desert sands, the sunset on the sand, it is truly magical, the pleasure of the Gods to live a moment like this.
  • There is an immensity of activities to do in the Bedouin camps, you can immerse yourself in the Arab culture starting by getting a henna tattoo, be involved in the preparation of Arabic bread made by the locals of the camp, and of course you can taste it, as you the sun goes down you can contemplate the natural spectacle that the falcons give us with their flight, it is pure magic to see such a pleasant spectacle that they give, a dance to the beat of the wind and its particular sound that they emit, it is really unique, nature is so noble by giving us moments like this.
  • Another of the activities that you can do in sand skiing in Dubai, if you like adventure sports, do not hesitate to ski in the desert sands, you can do it with all the relevant security measures, you use a snowboard And you don’t need to be an expert skier, enjoy the sand skiing experience.
  • If you are passionate about heights, you want to surprise a love with a romantic outing, you can hire a balloon ride, you will be at about 4,000 feet high, you will be able to observe the entire desert, from the dunes to the camels that are found in the area, In general, this excursion is taken to watch the sunrise, it has a visual image never seen before. If you are in love, do not hesitate for a second and declare all your love to him on this trip that is a dream, it will be the most romantic adventure in the heights that you will never live again. On these walks you can surprise your love, with a marriage proposal, a declaration of love or simply see the immensity of the dunes, accompanied by romantic music (thanks to mobile devices you can set the moment to music), take pictures of yourself in the heights and breathing that warm air of dawn, accompanied by the love that contains them.

  • Another of the activities that can be done in the afternoons, are the Quad Bike rides, you can go through the dunes yourself, riding the all-terrain vehicle, it is not necessary to be a professional to drive it, you just need desire and being adventurous, it is a journey that could not pass. You will visit all the places you decide to visit, and always with the corresponding security measures guaranteeing your physical integrity.

With this detail of wonderful places, if you decide to get to know The Desert Safari Dubai, you can experience each one of them, feel each unique moment, fully live each magical moment, from adventure sports, sand skiing, walks in 4×4 vehicles, to discover the camps in the Bedouin desert, to enjoy their typical customs with the locals, to contemplate the sunrise in the balloons accompanied by their affections, the fun afternoons in the desert sands, henna tattoos, do not forget that each moment there is unique and unrepeatable, it is magical, you will get to know another culture and for those days that you stay there, you will feel at home, at home, they will make you feel like one of them, because we are all brothers.



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