End of Course Trip Program 2022

End of Course Trip Program 2022

On the date of the date, the Governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, relaunched the End of Course Trip Program 2022. This social plan was launched last year to ensure that students can enjoy their graduation trip for free. It is aimed at students in their final year of public and private high schools.

Saying goodbye to graduate students from the Morón party, Axel Kicillof spoke about the End-of-course Trip Plan.

During the relaunch, the Governor highlighted the difficulty students have had during the pandemic. He affirmed that this social program allows to compensate the collection that they have not been able to do with raffles and raffles.

At the same time, the official stressed that this measure helps the post-pandemic economic recovery. This is very important given that the tourism sector was hit hard by the restrictions.

Kicillof recalled a tour he took last week of tourist destinations. He referred to the difficulties that these places have with seasonality. With which this program extends the season so that the commercial activity there continues.

Grant of up to $30,000

The subsidy for each secondary student is up to $30,000. This money can be used to cover tourist packages that include transfers, accommodation, insurance and food.

Registration for free graduate trips is done at student agencies registered in accordance with Law 25,599.

Beneficiaries can make trips of 4 days and 3 nights or 3 days and 2 nights. They can also contract additional, such as extra days or excursions.

It is important to clarify that this benefit is only available to students from the Province of Buenos Aires. This is because it is carried out by the Buenos Aires authorities, not the national ones.

Pre-Trip Plan

On the other hand, the Nation is analyzing the implementation of a new edition of the Pre-Trip Plan. From the hand of the same, a refund of up to 50% will be offered again on purchases from the tourism sector. For retirees and pensioners of the National Social Security Administration (Anse)it will rise to 70%.

During the validity of the plan, tourists must upload the purchase receipts on the official page.


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