Emotion and joy in the first test trip of the Rosario-Cañada de Gómez train

Emotion and joy in the first test trip of the Rosario-Cañada de Gómez train

And one day the train came back. This Wednesday the commuter train that will connect Cañada de Gómez and Rosario made its test trip. The formation, made up of the locomotive, two first-class cars and a dining car, departed from the Cañada station at mid-morning and is expected to arrive in Rosario after noon, after traveling the 71 kilometers that separate both heads of the service. On board, special guests including officials and journalists.

The established stops are Correa, Carcarañá, San Gerónimo, Roldán and Funes. Several national and provincial officials took the train at the beginning of the journey. In each intermediate station it is expected that communal chiefs will go up and collaborators. Once in Rosario, the train is scheduled to make a brief stop at Antártida Argentina station (Fisherton) to finish the journey at Rosario Norte station.

Each car has 72 seats and among them the dining car that will be used to serve the press and complete the capacity of the guests. This space can hold a minimum of 25 people.

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“There is a car for the press and two more for officials and special guests. There is a lot of joy and a lot of emotion, it is the effort of so many people who worked to make this a reality again. I estimate that as we move forward and go through the different stations many neighbors will join in. People are applauding furiously, everything that is happening is very emotional, he said in statements to the program “All in the Eight“the correspondent of The capital Delcia Karamoschon.

While the journalist commented on her feelings, the whistle in the background indicated the game. “We are moving forward -Delcia pointed out-, this was highly anticipated. Now it remains to have the new visa and see how much the ticket will cost. There was even talk of the possibility of using the Sube card”.

The protocol of Trenes Argentinos, the State railway operator, indicates that after the “free run” (as this test trip is known) a report is made to formally request the authorization of the service.

For the moment, the intention is to enable a round trip between Rosario and Cañada de Gómez. The incorporation of other stops and frequencies will be linked to passenger demand. From the Secretary of Transportation of the Nation they considered that “if the claim is for more services it is because it works”.

When the branch starts, the train will leave Cañada de Gómez at 5:30 and will arrive at Rosario Norte at 07:10 in the morning. In this line, they advanced that there is the possibility of taking advantage of that train so that it returns to Roldán at noon, taking into account that it is the route where it is known that there will be more passenger demand.

This additional daily service between Rosario and Roldan it would be at noon and could be implemented a couple of weeks after the tour’s initial opening date. “It would be useful to those who work half a day, or return from doing paperwork and students,” they said.

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Then it would return to Rosario in the early afternoon and those same passengers who take that train can return from Rosario Norte on the 6:30 p.m. service whose route ends in Cañada de Gómez at 8:55 p.m.

At the moment there is no specific date for the inauguration but it will be in the middle of the year (end of June or July). For this event, the presence of the president of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation, Sergio Mazza, is expected.

other branches

“We are thinking of other commuter trains as multimodal transport planning and according to what the world is heading for,” said the Secretary of Transportation of the Nation, Diego Giuliano.

The next branch would be Santa Fe-Laguna Paiva and it is stipulated that there will be three more with header in Rosario among those who would be the line to Casilda, another up Villa Constitución junction and a service to the provincial north passing through San Lorenzo.

Alternatives are also being studied so that passenger trains do not enter Rosario to avoid traffic complications and for security reasons. In that sense, bypass branches are being considered, such as connecting Carcarañá with Casilda.


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