Emotion and fun in the XXIV edition of the Pista Trophy! Clue! in the mill

 Emotion and fun in the XXIV edition of the Pista Trophy!  Clue!  in the mill

On Saturday, February 26, the XXIV edition of the Trofeu Pista! Clue! of La Molina Club d’Esports (LMCE) fulfilling the 4th round of the 2022 Audi quattro Cup 6-event circuit calendar.

The young skiers have been able to enjoy exceptional track conditions in the competition thanks to the tireless work of the La Molina station and members of the organizing club. The race, a giant one-leg race for U10 skiers and two legs for U12 skiers, had the participation of 230 skiers between the ages of 9 and 12, on the Torrent Negre slope.

A total of 67 runners and 88 runners in the U12 category and a total of 32 runners and 40 runners in the U10 category.

Throughout the day they lived great moments full of emotion and fun among future skiers first level. Family, friends and clubmates vibrated accompanying the runners while they followed the live timing through LiveTiming, an initiative of the RFEDI that is very well received. You can consult the Web App to find out all the details of the event and follow the competitions live: https://bit.ly/3qObRVt

This year the Track Trophy! Clue! has been dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer and especially to Ànnia Font Cervera, a skier from the Molina Club d’Esports who, at only 7 years old, has had to face the long road of the fight against childhood cancer. Recently, Ànnia received the best of news when she finished the harsh chemotherapy treatment with good results. She thus won this first battle against the disease in which sport has been her great ally and her main source of motivation. For this reason, the little runners made a corridor from the Torrent Negre chairlift to the start of the competition and Ànnia, accompanied by her trainers, passed through the middle, while all the runners rattled their sticks as a sign of camaraderie and joy for their fight. . Little Ànnia opened the competition with her descent, to the encouragement of her classmates and all those attending the competition.

Official results of the XXIV Trofeu Pista! Clue! – Audi quattro Cup 2022

The Catalan of the CET Club, Nita Macias, was the winner in the U10 category in this fourth race of the 2020 Audi quattro Cup circuit, achieving a time of 49.01 seconds. In second position was Laia Ubric, from Club TRT, with a total mark of 49.70. Laura Riera, from Club PEC, completed the podium in 49.79.

In U10 male the victory went to Marcal Vilanova of the CET club and with a time of 44.29. In second position, Alex Borda of the TRT club, has been the second fastest, with a mark of 44.67. Pol Arronizfrom the ELIT club, got the third position with a time of 44.86.

In female U12 the podium was very disputed. The Catalan from La Molina Club d’Esports, Martina Segoviatook the first position after completing a mark of 1:33:05, in total with the two sleeves. sophia bernardfrom TRT took second place on the podium with a total time of 1:33:32, and in third position, another Catalan from La Molina Club d’Esquí, Ona Martinezwas on his heels with a time of 1:35:57 seconds.

Joan Tarragafrom the Molina Club d’Esquí took the victory in the category of U12 malewith a time of 1:29:31 in total, the best of this Audi quattro Cup test. The second position was achieved by John Ramon Perez, from the CEJCA, with a time of 1:30:66. completed the podium Tomas Duenasfrom the CANMC club, at 1:32:19 in total.

2022 calendar of the Audi quattro Cup U12/U10 alpine ski circuit

● 01.22.2022 – San Isidro – organized by the Castilla y León Winter Sports Federation.

● 02.05.2022 – Candanchú – CANDANCHÚ SKI CLUB TROPHY- organized by the Candanchú Ski Club (CEC)

● 02.13.2022 – Baqueira Beret – 25è Trofeu Amics de Montgarri – organized by the Club Aranès d’Esports d’Iuern (CAEI)

● 02.26.2022 – La Molina – 24th Track Trophy! Clue! – organized by La Molina Club d’Esports (LMCE)

● 03.05.2022 – Cerler – XXV PITARROY TROPHY – Organized by the Cerler Aneto Ski Club (ANETO)

● 03.19.2022 – Sierra Nevada – Carolina Ruiz Challenge – Organized by the CDSKI CLUB GRANADA, the Andalusian Federation of Winter Sports



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