Elon Musk could complicate things on Twitter, according to Bill Gates

Elon Musk could complicate things on Twitter, according to Bill Gates

In the middle of an interview for TheWall Street Journal, Bill Gates, founder and former CEO of Microsoft, spoke about the future that Twitter could have under the tutelage of Elon Musk, who recently bought the social network. Gates warned that with the Tesla CEO’s plans for the short messaging app, it could “get worse.”

“Actually, it could make things worse… It’s not totally clear,” said the founder of Microsoft, referring to the fact that Twitter might not have a good future in the hands of Musk, since this man would not be “totally clear” about all the changes or directions he wants to give to the social network. .

“What is your goal when you talk about ‘openness’? What do you think of those who say that vaccines kill people or that Bill Gates is tracking people? Is it one of the things that he thinks should be spread? So it’s not totally clear yet what he’s going to do.” Gates questioned in the middle of his speech, stating that in his opinion, Musk still had no lights on the direction that Twitter would take.

However, he also insisted that his words were not a “prediction”, that is, at the moment it could not be said what would happen to the social network while it was under Musk’s tutelage, since it should not be “underestimated”. to the tycoon owner of SpaceX. “I doubt that will happen this time, but we must keep an open mind and never underestimate Elon”he stated in his interview.

“What he did at Tesla is amazing, help with climate change, what he did at SpaceX, will he do that (kind of) improvement this time? Should there be laws that strike a better balance between free speech and conspiracy theories that confuse people? You know, Elon thinks he can make Twitter better.”, Gates insisted, stating that while Musk had already had great successes, he needed to have a clearer picture in order to make a positive and significant change in the social network.

And I add, “I don’t know specifically what it will do, but there is an opportunity and we need innovation in that space,” concluding his idea, and affirming for the public that although he does not have in mind if it will work or not, he hopes that the Tesla magnate will more clearly establish the path of Twitter.

Twitter could come at a cost for business and government users: Elon Musk

The billionaire businessman Elon Musk continues to give new details about what the future of the Twitter social network will be, after having acquired it for US$44,000 million.

On this occasion, made the clarification on whether the use of this social network will have any value for users. “Ultimately the downfall of the Freemasons was to give away their stonecutting services for nothing,” Musk said via his Twitter account.

“Twitter will always be free for casual users, but may incur a small cost for commercial/government users”, emphasized the magnate born in South Africa.

In recent days Musk published a trill in which he also referred to the political ideologies of the world, and indicated that in order to maintain freedom of expression in the social network, Both ends of the political spectrum had to be made uncomfortable, this after leaders from around the world have expressed their concerns about the “speeches” that can be unleashed on Twitter after Musk’s warnings.

“For Twitter to deserve the public’s trust, it must be politically neutral, which effectively means upsetting the far right and the far left alike”were the words that the South African tycoon shared in his official account of the social network that he recently acquired, emphasizing the plans that he brings for this virtual space, emphasizing the need to repay the “trust” of users.


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