Elle/elles: the horror film about “conversion therapies” already has a release date

Elle/elles: the horror film about

For the past few years, Blumhouse Productions has been developing ambitious horror movies with moderate budgets that manage to have an impressive global reach. One of the titles that is about to come under its shelter is She themin English they theytape that will address the horrors about “conversion therapies” in people of the LGBTQ + community. Via the hollywood reporter The official premiere date is finally revealed on the Peacock platform.

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History has never been kind to LGBTQ+ people, who for centuries had to hide or keep up appearances in the strictest and most traditional societies in the world. Things have changed, at least in the West, where there are more and more opportunities for the community; many of their stories are now told and heard, driving a future where everyone can be free to live and love as they wish.

She them is an interesting proposal with Kevin Bacon about the dangers of “conversion therapies”, still very present in the most conservative organizations, who see LGBTQ people as a “fad” or a “disease” that must be eradicated and “brought to The normality”. A camp made up of queer youth discover that their counselor’s psychological methods go off the rails; In addition, they have to face a mysterious murderer who is looking for blood. The film is directed by John Logan, who makes his Hollywood debut as a director.

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Elle/Elles have been germinating inside me all my life. I’ve loved horror movies for as long as I can remember, I think because the monsters represent the ‘other’ and as a gay kid I felt a powerful sense of kinship with those characters who were different, outlawed or banned. I wanted to make a film that celebrated queerness, with characters that I never saw as a kid. When people finish watching it, I hope they remember the incredible love these children have for each other and how that love should be protected and celebrated.

In addition to they they, John Logan is known for having worked as a screenwriter on Gladiator – 76%, 007 Operation Skyfall – 93% and The Aviator – 87%. According to information from the media, the film will arrive at the Peacock service on August 5.

The fair and necessary visibility of the LGBT community in the entertainment industry has become a very important issue. The studios in charge of producing content for the small and big screens are increasingly aware of the needs of the public, the importance of seeing themselves represented in fiction, of feeling identified with the protagonists. That is why over the last few years we have seen a massive increase in stories that include not only LGBT characters, but also many other members of discriminated minorities in the United States.

Some platforms that stand out for their support of queer people are HBO and Netflix; Both have been recognized by GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) thanks to their work for representation and inclusion in fiction. At the moment, streaming is one of the most consumed forms of entertainment in the world and company managers work hard to produce and launch the best content, capable of reaching all possible targets. The alternatives continue to grow.

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