Elizabeth Olsen Turned Down Many Oscar Roles To Follow Marvel

Elizabeth Olsen Turned Down Many Oscar Roles To Follow Marvel

elizabeth olsen is already an essential part of Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actress, who defends the cultural importance of superhero movies, has one of the careers most promising of Hollywood. Acclaimed by the public, she has participated in the recent success Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, being one of the new leaders of the fictional network of La Casa de las Ideas. But at the same time he is aware that by deciding on Marvel he has lost some roles that would have led him to collect important awards. As he explains in New York Times.

The Marvel brand weighs and that generates frustration in Elizabeth Olsen: has she lost recognition for being Wanda?

They are not the first statements of an actor or actress of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in relation to this fact. Being a part of something as big as the MCU is a blessing for many, who see their careers catapult to fame and commercial revenue. But the balance is difficult, and many others complain about the typecasting. It is difficult to combine these colossal projects with other independent films, and the actress who gives life to the Scarlet Witch has suffered this in her flesh. “I started to feel frustrated”Explain.

“Yes, I had job security, but I was losing projects that I felt were more of who I am.. And the more I moved away from those jobs, the less they considered me for them, “says the interpreter, who had to reject films like Locust by Yorgos Lanthimos. “That broke my heart,” Olsen went on to explain, that although he appreciates his contract with Marvel Studios, he affirms that he has a good number of projects that did not come to fruition. Olsen, who appeared on film back in 2011 with the independent gem Martha Marcy May Marlenewas interspersing her appearances as Wanda with small and deep-seated tapes as Ingrid Goes West either Wind River.

Olsen was frustrated losing roles in independent films

I took away the physical ability to do some jobs that I thought were more aligned with the things that I enjoyed as an audience. I’m being totally honest,” the actress clarifies. After completing her contract for three Marvel movies, Elizabeth Olsen decided to sign for Scarlet Witch and Vision and continue being the character in other tapes and adaptations. “Being able to choose to continue was important to me”, he adds. However, the role of her has been very grateful, and has given her some freedom when interpreting it. “We thought what we were doing was weird and I didn’t know if we would have an audience that understood it, so there was freedom. There was no pressure, no fear. It was a healthy experience,” she says. Her Wanda Maximoff is now a vital part of the events that will come beyond Phase 4.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is available in theaters.



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