El Eden, learn about the new world-class attractions it offers – Companies – Economy

El Eden, learn about the new world-class attractions it offers - Companies - Economy

With six world-class attractions, exclusive not only in Colombia but in Latin America, and the arrival of recognized commercial brands, El Edén seeks to become this year the main reference in the market for large shopping centers in the country.

They will invest more than 20,000 million pesos in it, with which they aim to double the volume of visitors to the shopping center, but beyond this, that El Edén “becomes a true family tourist destination without precedent in the country,” he said. Ibonne Zabala, its general manager.

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Where did this initiative come from, even more so, in the midst of the pandemic?

Ibonne Zabala

Ibonne Zabala is the current general manager of El Edén Centro Comercia.l


The investment group of El Edén, in its desire to advance in the objective of being a leading shopping center and with a differential offer of services in the market, made the decision to invest 20,000 million pesos in innovation, unique international class entertainment in the country and in Latin America, which is complemented by what is currently available in terms of banking services, gastronomy, commerce, fun and entertainment.

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What type of attractions are they bringing incorporating to the current offer?

We start this week with three Edentainment attractions, but operated by El Edén Centro Comercial: XD Theater, VR Simulator and Ropes Cours, which will be complemented by three others (Rollglider, Cyber ​​Arena and Trampoline Park) that will come into operation between March and April which allows us to complete 12 entertainment offers, but these are very innovative in the country and we are sure that they will position us as a point of reference for all Colombians and tourists who visit the country so that they can live unique experiences, beyond make purchases or enjoy the offer of restaurants, among other services.

What kind of experience do these new attractions offer people?

Two of these have to do with virtual reality and adrenaline-generating experiences (XD Theater and VR Simulator), which have their origin in Turkey; another two are related to the theme of heights, physical challenges (Ropes course and Rollglider), come from Bulgaria, while the last two (Cyber ​​Arena and Trampoline Park) are from a Canadian company, which combine a series of challenges for all ages, combined with point tracking technology through a handle that facilitates interaction between the members of each attending group.

Who will operate these attractions?

The shopping center which will give a guarantee of safety and tranquility to visitors. El Edén, in its commercial commitment, services and gastronomy, wants to tell the city that this is a place that it is obligatory to know and visit with family, with friends, because we have these new attractions that, without a doubt, are a differential because nobody else has in the country and Colombians deserve it. Our operators have the required certification to operate these attractions.

How do you reach these developers?

A year and a half ago, with the El Edén team, we took on the task of analyzing what type of entertainment we could have that was not offered in the country and that was offered in other parts of the world, looking for that differential in two specific aspects. The first, what families need and cover the spectrum of children and adults. And an additional element was to assume the operation of these attractions with the support of international experts. Hence the millionaire bet on equipment, manufacturing, adaptation of spaces and start-up of the attractions, the most important investment that a shopping center has made in the last decade in terms of entertainment.

How much do you expect visitor volume to increase with these attractions?

The growth that we are going to observe this year compared to 2021, in terms of visitors, will be greater than 40 percent. We come with a strong recovery trend that began last year and we hope that, with all this new offer of services and entertainment, it will continue this year.

What is the current level of operation of the shopping center?

Currently, in signed contracts reaching 75 percent of the occupancy of the shopping center premises. We have three very important brand projects that are in the process of adaptation, such as Colsubsidio with a service center, Famisanar, a new food brand that joins Subway that entered recently and we are closing important negotiations with which we hope to close the year with 95 percent occupancy.

How are the external works of the shopping center that are pending going?

This year we delivered to the city the pedestrian bridge over Avenida Boyacá, which will allow visitors to cross this avenue and access the shopping center directly, as it ends within El Edén, which guarantees for the area security, accessibility. The construction of the bridge required an investment of 16,000 million pesos and it was a commitment that due to issues of regulations and public space it had not been possible to execute, but on June 1 it will be delivered for use.

World-class attractions

1. XD Theater
It will transport families into fantasy and thrill through the incredible state-of-the-art immersive sound system, two 180-degree moving platforms, state-of-the-art 3D projections, and water and wind special effects.

2.VR Simulator
It will take families on an adrenaline rush in state-of-the-art fantasy worlds thanks to its 4D projections, unmissable 360-degree spins and special effects.

3.Rope course
It allows you to live an unparalleled experience and is ideal for lovers of vertigo and emotions at another level. With 3 degrees of difficulty, a height of 18 meters and 26 obstacles, it is the first of its kind in South America.

4. Trampoline Park
In the Trampoline Park, families and friends will find the perfect plan to break the routine in its 862 square meters of playground. Through 42 experiences, 2 levels of challenge and the most innovative points system in an attraction of this type, visitors will experience the thrill of the challenge and the physical challenge.

5.Cyber ​​arena
This attraction of challenges by level, the first of its kind in Latin America, has 3 levels of difficulty, skill challenges against the clock and Active TAG point tracking technology. Here lovers of challenges will find the opportunity to challenge themselves in a space that will test their fitness and competitive ability.

It arrives for the first time in Colombia defying height and speed. In this, visitors will be able to fly freely and safely within El Edén Shopping Center at more than 10 meters in height in 200 linear meters. The excitement in this attraction is indescribable as it has a unique flight system at 20 kilometers per hour in an unprecedented structure.




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