“El Circo en tu Barrio” brought fun and entertainment to the neighbors of Ayuda Mutua

“El Circo en tu Barrio” brought fun and entertainment to the neighbors of Ayuda Mutua

Acrobatics, magic and endless laughter, on Tuesday afternoon, the artists who are part of “El Circo en tu Barrio” gave to the residents of Ayuda Mutua and surrounding areas. The traveling show is part of the proposals organized by the Municipality to celebrate the Month of Corrientes. The next performance will be this Thursday from 6:30 p.m. in the Galván neighborhood.

The Municipality brought joy and entertainment for the whole family on Tuesday afternoon to residents of the Mutual Help, Union, Colombia Granaderos, Santa Rosa and Celia neighborhoods. “El Circo en tu Barrio” is the recreational proposal that takes place every Tuesday and Thursday in April as part of the celebrations for the Month of Corrientes, coordinated by the Ministry of Culture and Education.

In the Manuel Belgrano square, located in Santa Rosa and Santo Domingo, adults and children gathered to enjoy the circus show by the Circomanía group in which magic, acrobatics and lots of laughter were not lacking.

The activity is organized by the municipal Ministry of Culture and Education. The head of the area, José Sand, accompanied the proposal and stressed that it is “an activity for the whole family. We want all the neighbors to celebrate Corrientes’ birthday”. In this way, “we continue to promote culture, art and we want to reach people with new initiatives that call on everyone”.

Flavia Dos Santos, an artist from the Circomanía group, stood out in pendulum displays and magic tricks. “We lived a beautiful, pleasant and healthy afternoon. The circus is culture, that is why we want to reach as many places as possible”, said the artist.

“The proposal involves sharing an afternoon with the family. We are very happy to have this possibility through the Municipality. They are shows that reach people. The circus is art and culture and the best thing is that everyone knows it, “he said.

For her part, Mirta Berli, announcer and presenter of the show, said that “it is an innovative proposal. The circus is a permanent surprise; Everything in it is magic. That is why we propose to have fun and make you forget your sorrows”.

Patricia is a resident of the Celia neighborhood and she came with her family to the square to enjoy the show: “It is a very good proposal. I found out through social networks and came with my children. It is an interesting activity considering that not every day we can go to the circus and so: freely and for free, “she commented.

Susana Barrios is a resident of the Mutual Help neighborhood and went with her nephews. She said: “It is a unique entertainment that we applaud because it takes place near the neighbors’ houses. The Municipality always proposes many things and it is good to get the kids out of the routine with these initiatives”.


“El Circo en tu Barrio” continues to offer performances in different areas of the city. The next presentations will be, from 6:30 p.m., at:

April 21: Plaza Sofía Bravo (Lieutenant Ibáñez and Elías Abad)

April 26: CIC Cities of Corrientes (Turin and Tupac Amaru)

April 28: Club Curupay (Rolón and Santiago del Estero – Barrio Bañado Norte)

The Circus in your Neighborhood” brought fun and entertainment to the neighbors of Ayuda Mutua


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