Eaton Introduces DC-DC Converters for 48 Volt Commercial Vehicle Architectures

Eaton Introduces DC-DC Converters for 48 Volt Commercial Vehicle Architectures

SOUTHFIELD, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May. 19, 2022–

Energy management company Eaton today introduced a family of 48-volt DC-DC converters for diesel-powered commercial vehicles that can be used to power accessories such as anti-lock brakes and lighting. Unlike competitive offerings, Eaton’s DC-DC converters are operational in ambient temperatures up to 85 degrees Celsius and have a design efficiency of 97%.

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Eaton’s family of 48-volt DC-DC converters can be used to power accessories such as anti-lock brakes and lighting and operate in ambient temperatures up to 85 degrees Celsius. (Graphic: Business Wire)

“DC-DC converters are an essential part of our eMobility product portfolio and are used in a variety of vehicle applications,” said Ben Karrer, Director of Technology Development for Eaton’s eMobility business. “Many commercial vehicle manufacturers are moving to 48-volt architectures, so having the ability to efficiently convert power from high to low voltage is critical. We are delighted to offer power conversion technology designed specifically to meet the demands of commercial vehicle electrical systems.”

Eaton’s DC-DC converter takes power from a 48 volt system and steps it down to 24 volts. The bi-directional unit then steps power down to 12 volts for use in low voltage systems and charges a 12 volt battery that stores power in the event of failure of the main power supply.

Eaton offers a family of DC-DC converters that adhere to the functional requirements of Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) B and can be optimized to work seamlessly with a manufacturer’s alternator specifications. The drives can also be tuned for specific duty cycles using an advanced digital control architecture, allowing flexible control modes through firmware adaptation.

The DC-DC power converter also features specialized high-power lock box (HPLB) power connectors. HPLB connectors are designed by Royal Power Solutions, a leading manufacturer of high-precision electrical connectivity components that Eaton acquired earlier this year.

The DC-DC power converter HPLB terminals provide superior efficiency and reliability as well as protection from the elements. In addition, HPLB terminals are waterproof to a depth of one meter and strong enough to withstand high-pressure splashes of water.

Eaton’s DC-DC converter includes noise rejection and reduction technologies, so the unit is not affected or interfere with vehicle electronics. Also, unlike competitive technologies, Eaton’s air-cooled DC-DC converters design efficiency reduces energy loss over a wide operating range, while the innovative die-cast design features a pattern of fins that offers optimal thermal performance.

“The converter is robust and rugged, sealed against environmental factors such as salt spray and water, and highly resistant to vibrations,” Karrer noted. “This unit is the ideal solution for manufacturers requiring a reliable method of managing the higher power loads found in modern commercial vehicles.”

The 48-volt architectures of commercial vehicles also create the potential for mild hybridization of powertrains. Additionally, higher horsepower systems can be used to power electrified heaters that rapidly heat a vehicle’s aftertreatment catalyst to help reduce emissions.

Learn more about Eaton’s portfolio of 48-volt solutions.

Eaton is an energy management company dedicated to improving the quality of life and protecting the environment for people around the world. We are guided by our commitment to doing things right, operating sustainably and helping our customers manage energy, both today and far into the future. By harnessing the growing global trends around electrification and digitalization, we are accelerating the planet’s transition to renewable energy, helping to solve the world’s most pressing energy management challenges, and doing what’s best for our stakeholders and for everyone. All society.

Eaton, a company founded in 1911, has been listed on the NYSE for nearly a century. In 2021, our revenue was $19.6 billion and we serve clients in more than 170 countries. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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