Durango: Otinapa Forest, an ideal place for rest and fun

Durango: Otinapa Forest, an ideal place for rest and fun

In the western region of the mountains of the state of Durango there is a small and very picturesque town. Is about Otinapaa place where the forest, its cabins, viewpoints, bridges and adventure activities come together to offer a destination that will make you feel that rest and fun can be activated like a switch.

the best season

Summer is the perfect season to visit Otinapa. We recommend you go with your family, since the complex of cabins located in this place offers many activities for young and old to have fun. In addition, the facilities are very comfortable to rest and are easily accessible from the city of Durango. If you don’t have a chance to go in the summer, don’t worry. Otinapa is a very active destination and its settings are unique whatever time of year you choose to visit.

Recommended length of stay

Definitely three to four days is the recommended time to calmly visit each of its attractions, disconnect a bit from the bustle of the city and rest with family or with your favorite person.

Where is it located and how to get there?

Otinapa is located 53 kilometers from the Durango city and the option to get there is by federal highway number 40 towards Mazatlan, at kilometer 41 you will find the junction that will take you to town.

If you travel by bus, the bus to the town of Otinapa is the option to travel. It leaves once a day until it is full and its starting point is the former Juarez Barracksin Plaza Baca Ortiz, on Isauro Venzor and Pasteour streets.

What you have to enjoy:

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Otinapa Plains

This circuit is one of the most impressive scenic trails in the entire state of Durango. It is part of an embankment built at the turn of the century where you will cross ravines, bridges, forests and special field meadows to take the picture of your life.

Activations in the cabin complex

Approximate schedule of activities per day 6 hours.

Cabin resorts know and know how to serve their visitor. Many of them have infrastructure to have fun with familysuch as zip lines, interpretive trails, lagoons for kayaking in the middle of the forest, among many other options or games that can be done next to a campfire, totally away from any electronic means.

The Otinapa jump

Stay and bungee jumping time: 2 hours

This activity is relatively new in this area and it is simply one of the best adventure experiences that the state of Durango has, since it is part of the Otinapa railway bridge, an icon of the area and has the free fall record through the highest bungee jump in Latin America.

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