Due to legal impediment, Sandra Cuevas’ attempt to travel to the US fails

Due to legal impediment, Sandra Cuevas' attempt to travel to the US fails

Josefina Quintero and Elba Monica Bravo

Newspaper La Jornada
Saturday May 7, 2022, p. 25

The mayor of Cuauhtémoc, Sandra Cuevas Nieves, was held yesterday at the Mexico City International Airport when she tried to board a plane that would take her to San Antonio, Texas due to the immigration alert that was ordered before the process to which she was subjected for robbery. , discrimination and abuse of authority against police officers in the capital.

After the process to which she was subjected by determination of the judge, the official was placed on conditional suspension, for which she had to notify the intention to leave the country.

As long as the immigration authorities do not have said notice from the judge of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City, Cuevas must remain in national territory.

The National Alert Center issued an official letter requesting that the name of Sandra Xantall Cuevas Nieves be removed from the control list of the National Migration Institute (INM), but if the judicial notification does not arrive, she will be prevented from traveling abroad.

▲ The official indicated that the restriction had already been lifted by the judge in her case.Photo Roberto Garcia Ortiz

Cuevas replied that the impediment to travel is harassment and abuse of power, after he was unable to leave the country this Friday afternoon. According to people close to the mayor, it was an emergency trip to attend to a family situation, so she would return to the country on Sunday afternoon.

The Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office issued a statement in which it was assured that the mayor can leave the country after the precautionary measures imposed on her were lifted by Judge Alejandro González Hernández, attached to the Judicial Management Unit number 8 based in the North Prison and notified to the Ministry of the Interior, the INM, the General Directorate of Migratory Control and Verification, as well as the Migratory Information Directorate.

He pointed out that on March 24, the Precautionary Measures Unit decided to suspend them, so on March 26, the INM canceled the immigration control list.



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