Doctor Strange 2 Writer Criticizes What Loki Did Before

La conexión entre Doctor Strange 2 y Loki

The Loki series was the first to feature the Multiverse. However, the writer of Doctor Strange 2 has criticized what they did there.

In an interview granted to Digital Spy, the screenwriter of Doc Strange 2, Michael Waldronacknowledged being sorry for what they did in the series of Loki. It should be noted that Waldron was one of the writers of the television program Disney+ made by Tom Hiddleston. Therefore, he has more right than anyone to feel regret or even regret, to make self-criticism for previous work.

The screenwriter of Doc Strange 2 I wish I hadn’t defined some rules about the Multiverse so clearly in the series of Loki. In a way, it closed a lot of doors for the movie of Marvel Studios starring benedict cumberbatch Y elizabeth olsen. “We worked very hard on the God of Deception series to make it as airtight as possible,” acknowledged Michael Waldron. “There were times when I thought… Damn, I might not have defined the Multiverse so clearly! I don’t know why I had to do it. I shouldn’t have been so specific on the TV show about time travel and all those multiversal rules.”

The importance of knowing the history before starting work

On the other hand, the writer of Marvel Cinematic Universe said he was glad he worked at Loki Before diving into the story of Doc Strange 2. In a way, it was easier for him to make all the characters work in an environment that he already knew. “I was glad that I came to the film with the institutional knowledge of the Multiverse,” admitted the screenwriter. “I was able to get the creative team on the same page with me throughout the entire job. Because, just like with the TV series, the most important thing is to know what you do when you’re dealing with the Multiverse.”

“Everyone should share a language with these kinds of issues. Otherwise, everything can become quite confusing, “said the screenwriter of Loki. the premiere of Doc Strange 2 It is scheduled for this Friday. Early reviews have been very positive and MCU fans are excited to see it.


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