Discover the keys to the Audi Urbansphere Concept On video!

Discover the keys to the Audi Urbansphere Concept On video!

    Since its introduction this week, The Audi Urbansphere Concept has become one of the most surprising novelties seen at the 2022 Beijing Motor Show. A model that completes the trio of sphere concepts that the firm with the four rings has been revealing to us over the last year with the Audi Skysphere and Gransphere to imagine the future of the brand not only at the level of exterior and interior design, but also with new technological solutions.

    And it is not for less seeing the amount of details that this particular reinterpretation of the SUV and the minivan presents with which Audi has surprised us for imagine what the cars that will move through China’s megacities will be like in a future where Level 4 Autonomous Driving is fully established. Some details and keys that we wanted to collect for you in this new video.

    An interior full of comfort and an unbeatable multimedia experience

    And it is that this technology that allows removing the driver of a lifetime from the equation -although the Urbansphere still hides a steering wheel and pedals that can emerge from the front area if you want to take command- have made the interior of this gigantic Audi of 5.5 meters in an entire four-passenger RV, who can enjoy the trip in their individual seats that can be rotated to start a conversation or lie down to relax taking a nap or watch a movie on the individual screens that are on the backs of the seats or the huge transparent panel that can be unfolded from the ceiling for video conferencing. Also the infotainment system can be operated remotely while lying flat thanks to the innovative MMI Touchless control that through eye tracking and gesture control will automatically turn when we make the gesture in the distances. Even the front dashboard will become, like its brother the Audi Gransphere Concept, a large screen where to project the infotainment system.

    A headlamp capable of communicating with its surroundings

    Another aspect for which this Urbansphere surprises, even above its other two brothers, is its front, specifically its new Singleframe grille that has acquired a completely new function, that of being the car’s channel of communication with its surroundings. And it is now a huge screen capable of creating drawings and signs of different colors with which, for example, to show signs or notices of another type to communicate with other vehicles or with pedestrians in order to improve road safety. Audi calls it “Audi Light Canvas” and as you can see in the video it leaves spectacular effects that will make it stand out wherever it goes. Next to it are very stylized Matrix LED headlights that work like a real eye, capable of modifying the aperture and focus.

    All of this is accompanied by a totally electrical mechanism, made up of two engines that give about 400 hp of total power and a 120 kWh battery with which, according to Audi, this Urbansphere will be able to travel 750 km on a single charge according to the WLTP cycle, even with mainly urban use.

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