Digital collecting: when fun rhymes with investment

Foto de Jugando e invirtiendo con Berserk Reborn

Gone are the times when the collections of universes such as video games, movies or comics were associated with teenagers with horn-rimmed glasses. Those boys and girls grew up, but they did not leave their youthful interests behind, but rather fully introduced them into the adult world: giving a value to those precious objects. And how. In February of last year a rare Pikachu rare card was sold, the #2 Trainer of the Pokémon World Championships promotion to be exact, for a whopping $111,000.

And, just as technology has advanced considerably over the last several decades, so have games, making the leap into the digital environment. The concept and the fun are the same: collect cards to trade with other players, use them during the game and enjoy the search for the rarest and most coveted ones. Those that increase in value over time. berserk reborn is a new game that will be released soon, based on the collection of NFT digital cards, and that takes place in a medieval fantasy universe.

According to its distributors, the Spanish IDC Games, it is a “multiplayer NFT game Play-to-Earn cross-platform free to play in environment block chain”. Sound Chinese? Well, it’s time to familiarize yourself with these concepts because they are not the future. They are the now of fun. And of investment.

Investments for the future, today
Starting with the NFT, the key to all this: they are virtual possessions. Just like paper trading cards or Pokémon cards, but in the digital world. Note that NFTs are not exclusive to the video game sector, there are also digital works of art and even people who trade memes (yes, those that go viral on Facebook or WhatsApp). But how to ensure ownership of NFTs? That’s where the block chain: is the name of the technology that stores transactions without the need for validation by an external authority, for example, a bank; thanks to the tacit agreement between users that the data in block chain they are exchanged between all users leaving a digital trail, which makes a transaction impossible without someone noticing. They are always reflected. An example of block chain (and the most famous) is Bitcoin, but not only currencies are used in this environment, but also relevant data such as contracts and the aforementioned NFTs.

The other terms described by IDC Games mean that the game is intended to earn money while playing (play to win), which can be accessed from different platforms (PC, Smartphones) and is free. The game itself, the NFT cards will have to be bought. And now is the time to do it. Not only because after reading this article you will surely want to play, but because in the Beta version of the game, which will be released in the coming weeks, the first players will receive a free batch of limited edition cards. A concept, exclusivity, that always rhymes with good investment.

“So don’t hesitate, because since the monstrosity is the new Intelligentnobody does it anymore: forget your prejudices about online games and enter the adventure proposed by berserk reborn: the excuse will be the investment in NFTs, the very artistic designs of the cards will surprise you and the hours of fun will hook you”.

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