David Harbor explains how money affected children

David Harbor explains how money affected children


The actor who gives life to Jim Hopper explained why the protagonists of the Netflix series do not have the childhood that he would like. How does being famous at the age of 11 impact your psyche?

David Harbor plays Jim Hopper in Stranger Things.
© NetflixDavid Harbor plays Jim Hopper in Stranger Things.

fans of Strange things can’t wait: in just a few days, a new delivery will arrive at Netflix. It will be July 1 when the streaming platform launches the last two episodes of the fourth season. And although it was just as or more captivating than previous releases, the truth is that the great impact on this occasion revolved around the growth of the child protagonists. The cast led by millie bobby brown he is clearly much more adult. How did they experience that evolution?

It was in 2016 when the supernatural series came to the streaming giant with an innovative proposal: in the 1980s, a boy disappears and his mother, a police officer and his friends had to unite to face a terrifying force to bring him back. . Since then, they have fought bigger and bigger monsters. And just as the little ones grew up on screen, they have also done so in real life.

The passage of time is undeniable in its physical aspect. But what about its psychological side? How does it go for a child to go from being unknown to becoming the biggest streaming star? port davidwho gives life to jim hopperHe cannot help but think that although young people are fulfilling their dream, they are also losing the opportunities that any other their age lives in a common and current routine.

Weeks ago he pointed out in dialogue with the Los Angeles Times: “I see what these kids have to deal with. There are many people who go through worse things. But psychologically, I think that becoming extremely famous and adored at the age of 11 is really difficult for the mind to understand. I’m lucky because it didn’t happen to me until I was 40 years old. I know what it’s like to go to the mall, I know what it’s like to be bullied and humiliated. I know what it’s like when people don’t think I’m cool, find friends, when people don’t come to me. I don’t know if they’ll ever have that feeling”.

Recently, he returned to the subject in an interview with The Independent: “The children are involved in something that is minefield. The popularity and money they are dealing with at 12 and 13 years old just makes you an adult. They don’t have the childhood that I wish they had”. In this way, the 47-year-old actor showed once again that fame and luxury are not always as ideal as the audience believes.


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