Curry leads Warriors’ epic comeback against an exhausted Doncic

Curry leads Warriors' epic comeback against an exhausted Doncic

The Mavericks they had it in their hands. The team of Luka Doncić started the game with confidence but did not have some Warriors that they did not throw in the towel and armed an impressive comeback to end up taking the second match of the series by 126 to 117.

Esteban Curry led the Warriors back into the game, spurring his team on until they regained control and put fear into the Mavericks’ body. The base finished with 32 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists on a crazy night in San Francisco.

Jordan Poole and Kevin Looney They were other protagonists. The first because he accompanied Curry in scoring and added a differential of +26 on pitcha, reflecting the fire of the comeback in his game.

The second because it showed that pivots also have their place in this tie. He became great again in the paint and his work was vital in the early stages of the recovery of some Warriors They never stopped believing.

The ones from California They left Dallas with just 13 points in the third period and endorsed them with 43 in the lastthe lace to a night that began in a festive way for the Texans but that was cut short after the break.

Luka Doncić He went above and beyond. The Slovenian, battling flu symptoms and fatigue, ended up with 42 points, 5 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 steals. She was everywhere and tried everything.

The Warriors’ push, however, was too much for him. Aware that his rivals have better pieces than him, Luka tried to stop the comeback as best he could but the puzzle of Steve Kerr He has many years of racing.

jalen brunsonwith 31 points and a great success, or Reggie Bullockadding 21 in a great series of triples, they accompanied Luka in scoring. They also suffered the comeback in their flesh, although it was maximum glue (-20 on track) the most noted.

The tie now heads to Dallas where the Mavericks They will try to get everything good out of their first half and prevent Golden State from taking away their illusion again.

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